I am back from my whirlwind trip from Europe! Now I will have Montreal as my homebase as per usual for eight months.

I landed in Berlin and had a very enjoyable birthday with new and old friends. I was so inspired by Liz Rosenfeld, Sadie Weis, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, and Cary Cronenwett – all hyper talented North Americans who have moved to Berlin to create art and films. I curated Love is Like the Weather with my best friend Mascha Nehls who helps to organize Entzaubert – the most radical film festival in the world in a forest in a queer wagonplatz!

I had the honour of curating North American artists: Vincent Chevalier, Crystal Mason, Kristin Li, Josh VettiveluSofia MorenoNabeela VegaLamathildeJamie RossShayo DetchemaRaphaële FrigonNikki ForrestFlorence S. LaroseElisha LimGAYMOUSRae Spoon & Chelsea McMullanMalic AmalyaEduardo Restrepo Castaño & Nash GlynnE HearteDayna McLeod & Jackie Gallant.

Also I got to view a test run of CUNT LAB‘s new performance art work which was amazing. I was so pleased to provide performance art support for my friends at the Queer Gala at the Kopi which was an incredible night. It’s always one of my favourite nights in Berlin curated by Miss Tobi and If.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 4.21.24 PM

I curated Love is Like the Weather in Denmark with Mix Copenhagen with the help of the Kapow Collective. There I met with amazing performance artists friends that I met in Beijing almost 5 years ago. Anu Ramdas, Nanna Lysholt Hansen and Trine Mee Sook. I wiki-edited for International Women’s Day and I got to add Anu, Nanna and Jane Jin Kaisen to Wikipedia! I also got to meet up with Birthe from the Feminine Moments blog.

AND! I curated an over sold out show in one of my favourite cities Amsterdam with the sweeties of Transcreen. I was inspired there by Eliza Steinbock, Sebastian Deline and k.g. guttman – all North Americans that have moved there to study, teach and create. Also my Italian tech friend Giuliana Dieni and I talked about an exciting future collaboration with Corrine Teed.

I managed to shoot and edit a few new films in Berlin as well one which I think will be a hit with Tamir Shmeltzer Frenkel Lederberg.

Back in North America this winter We Don’t Want to Marry was in the Outsider Fest in Austin. I was delighted to have my film Domesticity be a part of Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois –LE GIV AUX RVCQ in Quebec. On March 13 I was curated in Montreal by Kimura Byol for L’Institut Simone de Beauvoir célèbre les 40 ans du GIV / Simone de Beauvoir Institute Celebrates 40 Years of GIVNabeela Vega, Angela Gabereau and I also curated a QPOC version of Future Visions in Boston.

Also in Montreal at Edgy Redux at Studio 303 – Alexis O’Hara and Hannah Morrow joint MCed Future Visions for Nuit Blanche! Somehow by gay miracle we now have 117 video artists that foretell the queer future! Also Angela the hacker genius made a new one card spread so check that out here on your smart phone. Big thank you to Andrea Joy for making this epic projected audience interactive project come together.

I helped to buy a cinema! With The Party’s Over

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 5.47.30 PM

Upcoming news!

Lesbian Hand Gestures and Narcissus are making a comeback in Chicago with Cruising Tracks curated by Rebecca Ladida at the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival

In Vancouver I am performing Stop Beating Yourself Up. I can’t wait to see my communities there! I am performing at the Queer Arts Festival in Vancouver this July! At the end of May I also have a show with the same work but it is a 5 minute video loop installation  in Oshawa at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery called Boxing: The Sweet Science curated by Linda Jansma. Stills from this performance shot by Morgan Sea are gracing the cover of the show’s catalogue.


For the very first time in my life I am performing in Chicago at Out of Site with brand new secret work!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.45.48 AM

I am travelling to Art in the Open in Prince Edward Island at the end of August with Plush and Scream Choir:


Sarah Wendt and I are looking for people for our Scream Choir in Charlottetown if you know anyone or just want to join us for swimming in the Atlantic after screaming! Also we are creating a new choir for this festival – A Laugh Choir!


Also Theory Boner is now available on Just Seeds and Etsy. This screenprinted zine is my first attempt at collage for many years and was curated by Mary Tremonte and Jenna Lee Forde in Toronto.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.56.55 AM

My films are going on all sorts of adventures without me around the world!!!

Genderless Jellyfish and Narcissus are going to Seattle Transgender Film Festival 


Genderless Jellyfish is going to Transcreen in Amsterdam in June.

We Don’t Want to Marry is going to In & Out in Nice France at the end of April.

All screenings thanks for my wonderful distributors GIV in Montreal. ❤

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