falling into the west coast winter



For the fall equinox I curated for two days at Le Petit Versailles in the Lower East Side in New York alongside Yvette Choy and Troy Davis

Priestess of Ceremonies: Maya Suess

☽ ☾ ARTISTS ☽ ☾
Aja Rose Bond / Beth Frey / Cupid Ojala / Jade Yumang / Jamie Ross
Piera Yerkes Tif Robinette / The Cave Collective  / THE NYX PROJECT


Cory Kram / Vivek Shraya / Barbara Roland / Pippi Zornoza / Sarah Pupo
SoJin Chun / Sophie Seita / JuanCarlos Zaldivar / Mihee-Nathalie Lemoine
Zuzu Knew / Joshua Vettivelu


Le Petit Versailles is a NYC public community garden in the East Village that presents art exhibitions, music, film/video, performance, theater, workshops, and community projects.

On the very same night my video collaboration with my dear friend Pippi from Dirt Palace entitled Mother was screened at SVA in NYC as well! The work was installed on a loop in the gallery:


After these magical experiences, I flew to Calgary to workshop and costume a brand new performance entitled Flânerie that I created with my assistant Zuzu Knew for Mountain Standard Time, one of the largest performance art festivals in Canada . Here are some photos of Megan Morman, Tanya Plonka, Shyra de Souza, Jenna Swift, Sheri Nault, Bogdan Cheta, Desiree Nault, Miguel Michelena, Lee Allard and Rebecca Blankert. This performance was curated by Tomas Jonsson.

Coral Short recreates the finery of the flâneur with a roving street intervention. This mysterious group resists the dreary world within each slow, fanciful step they take. These fantastical creates leisurely stroll down the streets, their eyes drinking in everything around them, transforming into beautiful vignettes, dripping with lace and silk. Together they create a new visual language with their high dandy fashion, becoming a certain celebration, a unifying symbol in defiance of the conservative powers that be. The flâneurs and flâneuses are fascinated by all around them, as well as being a source of fascination for the public.

photos by bbb Johannes Deimling, Ilyon, and Tavia Maheu

 ☽ ☾ OCTOBER ☽ ☾


On October 7 I had the honour of being in Mix Copenhagen again with We Don’t Want to Marry and Genderless Jellyfish

Also during the third week of  October I gave back to two tremendous cultural producers in my life with my good friend Veronique Mystique – together we shot Sunny Drake‘s new as of yet unseen video work and Sasha Kleinplatz‘s choreography entitled MEN on at Place Des Arts in Montreal, Quebec.

☽ ☾ NOVEMBER ☽ ☾


At the beginning of November on the sacred date of Samhain I led a ritual with my friend Karine-Myrgianie Jean-François and my gay husband Troy La Biche Davis in which we literally wove the entire community together while they spoke a word or words that had meaning for them. Some of the words included: forgiveness, support, mutual aid, patience, accountability, family. The interconnectedness of us all is the real magic in this world. 


photo by kimura byol

Early november I was in the the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival for the opening night with the crowd-pleasing genderless jellyfish once again with many people I love and care about in attendance.

I edited insanely hard on my first draft from 2 hours of footage of Stop Beating Yourself Up to 8 minutes for The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa curated by Linda Jansma. This video shot by Morgan Sea will be projected on a loop in the gallery. shayo detchema helped me to experiment with a pixelated version which was exciting.


November 15 was the day THEORY BONER by Mary Tremonte and Jenna Lee Forde was made available to the public at Expozine in Montreal. THEORY BONER zine explored and celebrated intersections of feminist, queer, and anti-racist theory and creative practice. My page was of chosen family of various forms of queer kinship.

On November 21 Narcissus screened in Melbourne for tilde! Just in case you never saw my cute ex boyfriend Logan A. Curley:

angela gabereau my genius collaborator for future visions and I were delighted to be invited to exhibit our arcade machine at Les HTMLles in Montreal. We got a new surge of future prophecies from all over the place to bring us to ONE HUNDRED PROPHECIES OF THE QUEER FUTURE! New prophecizers include the following powerhouses: Bogdan ChetaHolly ChernobylSandrine DeumierCharles Ernest Roberts IIIFILMARALHO & FRIENDSAndrew TayGurcius GewdnerPedro CostaFahmida Urmi Hossain,  LamathildeTroy DavisSasha KleinplatzLailye and Malik, Nabeela VegaE. Heartechristian xtn hansen, Winnie Superhova, Beth Tub and Sunny Sundog Doyle. Take a look at the new video works here:

1451326_10153090048557345_4438408470813366304_nI also got asked to sit on a queering cyberfeminism panel which was fascinating but I felt we really just touched the tip of the iceberg as there are so many issues to talk about! It was very exciting to meet the other thought-provoking panelists.


Later in november I was so deeply honoured to be asked to do a performance at St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery in the Lower East Side in New York City by curator Jen Rosenblit as part of the Food for Thought series and Danspace programming. She chose my work Social which I created with Lamathilde in Montreal a few years back which is like a giant group handfasting ritual but each audience member is matched with a stranger. I was lucky enough to perform with Ariel Speedwagon and Zachary Wager-Scholl and for my first time with Jen Rosenblit and Tif Robinette who are all art dreamboats!

☽ ☾ DECEMBER ☽ ☾


I visited the bay area in December and hung out with artist and curator friends lex non scripta on a boat and at his craft fair magic makers. I also got to buy stuff from jessika fancy from montreal and see my old friend textaqueen! I finally got to see Zeph Fish‘s artist collective new living space called Lobot in West Oakland my old neighbourhood. and I got to go see Alien She in San Francisco with Celeste Chan and KB. I was so suprised to see that I had connections to almost everyone in that show! And that I was in fact in the show in some ways as an actual riot grrl in the early 1990s. Here’s my zine and also me holding L.J.‘s woven Queeruption flier banner at the Dyke March in New York City. Random side note I have been to 3 Queeruptions (Berlin, London, Amsterdam) and helped to organize the last ever Queeruption in 2007 on the sunshine coast just outside Vancouver.

10494901_10153161675402345_2109268162582490040_o 10805834_10153161645777345_5421520130097932691_n

Above is my dear friend Jen from Submission Hold (the photo above is when she was in Insult to Injury) who I stay with when I am in Vancouver. We’ve known each other since 1992! This zine was behind glass and in the reading library in the show.

Here is another project I was involved in in Alien She – my Montreal university friends Courtney Dailey, Onya Hogan-Finlay and Leila Pourtavaf created a Bookmobile in the early 2000s which my artist books travelled around North America in.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 4.13.23 PM

The last artistic things I did in December were

– shoot new footage all the time
– buy my tickets for europe for non stop art action
– work in a metalshop in sf

– get my hands dirty doing archeology on my giant stone vagina earth art at Albany Bulb. Above and below photo credits to Trixie Albert.


andddddd a fascinating interview with Karin Cope (NSCAD) who is writing about me and a lot of my amazing genderqueer friends such as Coco Riot, Elisha Lim, Alvis Parsley and more. I can’t wait to see some academic writing about the projects and change we work so hard to create in our different ways. She is writing about genderless jellyfish! Here are some excerpts:

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 4.24.02 PM

 The last piece of good news is the new textiles work that I curated by Aja called Whole Time was in a gay wedding! Peter Cramer sent me this magical romantic photo:


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