I have spent the last nine months of my artist life in Berlin. Full of ups and downs, it has been amazing overall! In Vancouver, when my beloved father drove me to the airport, there was a giant fat rainbow touching the ground before I boarded the plane. When the plane rose into the air, a cloud flare appeared – a circular rainbow – which travelled with me for over an hour, hovering right next to the plane window.

I am writing this from a queer performance artist residency at Ponderosa, which is about an hour from Berlin. Zeph, Miriam and I biked here from the train and but what should appear? Another rainbow, finally! I feel like these rainbows have all been signs telling me I am on the right path choosing to follow my dreams- which has been both totally scary and completely fulfilling. My father is from London, U.K., my mother from L.A. California, and I was born on Vancouver Island in Canada. I am lucky for this, and I have taken both my passport privilege and job as curator seriously this year, curating nine new video programs.

Sadly I got my heart broken immediately upon arriving in Berlin. But luckily I filmed myself crying the whole month of January, which turned into very handy footage when RT Collective commissioned me to make work for their new In Your Pocket Curation for Inside Out in Toronto on the theme of Dear Diary. I edited a new film in Copenhagen called For the Heartbroken.


But back to happier news…

For my 43rd birthday this year a new friend of mine, Alex, found out that I have finally entered the realm of wikipedia! If you have any corrections to this entry please feel free to add. What an honour – thank you Carla Henkel.

Also during January I got to work on an amazing project called Forum Expanded which consists of huge video screen installations created by artists from all over the world.

I have never independently curated so much in my life as I have in Berlin! Over the last decade I have been working with many artists from North America and it gives me such joy to bring their aesthetics and politics all the way to Berlin, which does indeed seem to be the centre of the queer universe right now. Please click on each curation below to see the amazing artists I have had the honour of working with.

TRIGGER WARNING, co-presented with COVEN

FUTURE VISIONS, co-presented with COVEN again. THANK YOU to the amazing COVEN. Picture below of the cuties of COVEN:

TRANSFORMATION at The SPEKTRUM. Local Honey still here:


PLEASUREPAIN, Silver Future during the Easter Conference

MAGICK, Silver Future

FLIP FOR FEMME, co-curated with Sadie Lune at Raumerweiterungshalle which was incredibly packed! What a lovely night. Sadie is my loving and loveable platonic wife here in Berlin:


I created a new evolving bill for Queeristan, Amsterdam, Netherlands which I think I will name ‘Healing is Not Linear’ This bill will travel to New York in October with Abed Haddad!


I was commissioned to create a new curation called PUMPED which was a part of conteS/Xting SPORT at NGBK which screened at GEGEN,  Bethanien and with COVEN at Kleiner Salon. Thank you to the Canadian Embassy for their support. Here’s half of the team I worked with at NGBK for a few months! Imtiaz, Caitlin, Zeljko, Jared and Steffy:


Huge thank you to all my techs who made my screenings possible especially Alex Tsoli, Cat Barich, Yuen Ka Lai, Kata at Silver Future, Lorena Juan Gutierrez, and Judy Landkammer, as well as Anika from Raumerweiterungshalle.

I also got to curate Love is Like the Weather again for Gender & Performance(s) Studies at Concordia University in Montréal, Québéc. And to top it off my curation was the final exam! This is a first for sure. Thank you to Dr. Fraser for organizing this!

My largest event in my life (to date) occurred last month. It was called WITCH RAVE, named after an amazing short film by Canadian friends Helen Reed and Hana Jickling, who allowed me to use the name for the new curation. 1,000 people came to WITCH RAVE on Insel!!! an astounding amount of different communities converged on this magical isle for about 50 local and international performance artists, filmmakers, DJs and VJS. Thank you so much everyone for coming and for everyone who created work, videos and sets for this event. Huge thanks to Queeries organizers Shelley and Kata for helping me co-run this event. Also huge shout outs to Miriam and Luca for being so steady before and throughout. We were able to fund about 20 queer artists to go on a ten day residency to expand their research and practices at Ponderosa, which is no small miracle.


Outside my newfound life as a curator, Fake Orgasm Choir came into being at the Køpi squat. Here’s a picture of us in the green room/climbing room 🙂


Sound artists featured above (missing Sara Neidorf) included Cat Barich, Lianne Hall, Kay Garnellen, Sirona, Aubrey Hike, Terril Scott, Atlanta Athens, Nel Fragner, Johanna Bronk, Alex Tsoli, Skyler Braeden Fox and Pol Merchan.

Here’s our video by my dear friend Yuen Ka Lai:

We will also be performing at the Lido for a Bildweschel Cabaret with Les Reines Prochaines on Saturday September 24 at 8pm. I have been working with this amazing archives and organization for almost fifteen years now. Also- let me know if you would like to join- we have space in the choir! More info here 

FAKE ORGASM CHOIR performed at Sudblock with Kay Garnellen for Gender is a Spectrum book launch and also at the Hydra benefit at Möbel Olfe back in February and March. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have been a part of this project, you bring such authentic ecstatic ritual to this sound work!

I am very much enjoying the Queeries art residency right now, it feels like the first time I have rested in the last nine months of the intense Berlin hustle! We are working on all sorts of new performance and dance practices and introducing each other to our vast and varied skill sets. It is a fascinating exchange of minds here through workshops and conversations. It is the first ever official queer residency here and hopefully it will be an annual event, along with WITCH RAVE. Winnie Superhova was the first person to tell me about this intriguing local, and to bring me here. Thanks Winnie! Also huge thanks to Liz Rosenfeld for introducing me to COVEN, who then hosted my screenings and invited me to Queeries.

We will presenting some of our now-evolving end results September 16-18 at Ausland back in Berlin.


Also I have enjoyed many local countryside trips outside the buzz of Berlin. There are two locations I enjoy to rest my weary bones and mind to finally begin to edit my films again! One is a cottage of a dear friend near a lake in Deetz, and the other is Quecke, where I hope to lead a winter residency next year called Hibernate.

Here is the new film I have been working on in Deetz: it was a truly beautiful collaboration with Tamir Lederberg which will be ready this month!


In random other news!

AWESOME news of SCREAM CHOIR being one of the many actions which helped to make abortion legal and accessible in PEI! This incarnation was conducted by Russell Louder!!!!!


Back to some SAD news, Edgy Women is no more and my 2009 unicorn group performance Guardian showed in the closing event. This is a feminist festival I have worked with for almost ten years. Big thank you to k.g. guttman for this photo. And the hugest thanks to everyone at Edgy Women for believing in me for all these years and helping me grow up as a performance artist. I would not be the same artist without you!  ❤


Not completely art related, but also art related, as many artists come to the sits – I have been leading Queer Meditation in Berlin in English every Sunday at 10 am. I also was pleased to offer a sit for COVEN for their Labour not Labour Festival.




My performative video work – The Party’s Over has been curated twice by Dayna Mcleod at both VIVO and Video Pool Media Arts Centre in celebration of Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV)‘s 40th Anniversary. The curation was called Gestures of Performativity. GIV, my video distributors, are advocates, supporters and promoters of women working with Video Art and was founded in Montreal in 1975. GIV, with its multifaceted mandate to distribute, present, and produce independent videos, is one of the rare artist-run centres throughout the world dedicated to the development and promotion of works created by women.

Diamonds screened at Frauen Film Festival, Cologne, Germany

Arrangement was on CAN TV! in Chicago as part of a Video Video Zine project and also at Berlin Feminist Film Week

Between us was at CROSSROADS in both San Francisco and Minneapolis in the curation – thank your body for its strength and power.

Mother was screened in Chicago as part of a bill entitled No Gods No Masters, Video Video Zine, Chicago, USA.

My wearable textiles performance Chimeras by Laura Mitchell premiered as part of a Out of Site Screening, Chicago, USA

Lesbian Hand Gestures was in a show called  SEX HABITS curated by Rebecca Ladida at  In/habit in The Archer Ballroom, Chicago, USA.

Robot Boi is also screening again at DEEP TRASH from Outer Space, London, U.K. October 22



In an article by Karin Cope, entitled “They aren’t a boy or a girl, they are mysterious: Finding possible futures in loving animals and aliens.’ That article will be collected in a work entitled Desiring Change:Contemporary Feminist Art in Canada that MAWA [Mentoring Artists for Women’sArt] and McGill-Queen’s University Press are preparing for publication. The work should appear in the course of 2017. MQUP is provisionally planning a print run of 800 copies in hardcover, to be priced at $49.95.


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These photos below are of my performance ‘Stop Beating Yourself Up‘ are painful to look at now! I suffered a severe concussion from my performance at The Vancouver Queer Arts Festival which I am still recovering from 6 months later. Thank you for all the healing vibes everyone sent to me from across the world.  Contrary to popular belief, the blood was fake and I didn’t hit myself hard BUT it was the multiple light blows to the head that did me in. Don’t do this at home folks! Photos below by Belle Ancell. More photos can be seen here by Katie Stewart and Fenner Rumble.  Please stop beating yourselves up! For real! I have! This performance will never be repeated ever again.  Thank you to Winnie Superhova for assisting me and Hugs for being my paramedic and huge hugs to Terry my platonic brosband and Ray Tardigrade for aftercare.






In Vancouver I was delighted to put together TRIGGER WARNING. This was a challenging and transformative experience as a curator. I created a strong bill of mostly North American video artists followed by a discussion facilitated by Gwen Haworth. Graphic Design by Nabeela Vega.


Check out my hyper talented artists:

Claire Arctander
Isabelle Frances McGuire
Vika Kirchenbauer
Jade Yumang
Jesika Joy
Sarah HillCreighton Baxter
Patty Chang
Morgan M Page
Kimura Byol
Jenny Lin
Philip Huang
Jacqueline Mary
Eduardo Restrepo
Mée Rose & Leanne Lapspace



It was my first time in Chicago! I had the joy of creating a new wearable textiles work entitled Chimeras for the Out of Site Chicago Festival. I also had the honour of working with fellow performance artists Emilio Rojas, Mev Luna and dancer Lailye Weidman. I was assisted by my good friend Nabeela Vega who helped me incredibly as my concussion was still very strong.



Ice Dreams:  Coral Short, Jackson Martin and Russell Louder collaborated to create fresh cool contemporary edible art infused with spells – inventing several kinds of ice cream to feed the public within this town is small project‘s marketplace. The ice cream was bursting with a fascinating range of mood changing ingredients. Making wishes is an act of magic that we invited the audience to partake in – creating a sense of hope and well-being. View photos here taken by Veronique Mystique. Graphic design by Nabeela Vega. Thanks to Juls Generic for letting us create an ice cream factory in Halifax!

At this extraordinary festival Art in the Open in P.E.I. I did three performances in one day (plus handing out 500 portions of Ice Dreams which I have to say with the concussion was a miracle!) My teenage assistant Russell Louder performed Plush and I live streamed it internationally with Periscope. Big ups to  my curator Becka Viau who was wonderful to me throughout the festival. I cannot recommend this festival enough!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I collaborated for Scream Choir AND Laugh Choir with Sarah Wendt. Thank goodness for collaborations! Huge thanks to my collaborators as I couldn’t of pulled off four performance without them!


In Hamilton I performed Nest (with a concussion) at Supercrawl. Huge thanks to my assistants Mee Rose and Alvis Parsley for performing Plush for me as my doctor would not allow me to perform. And huge shout out to my platonic wife Sarah Fuchs for coming out from Toronto to give me love and moral support.


For the month of October I did a ceramics residency at Creations Li Studio. It was such a healing experience because I was off the internet and working with clay was very good for my brain. Also the company was AMAZING 😉


Future Visions was one of the two pieces selected by our curators from Les Htmlles last year to travel to the CYNETART FESTIVAL in Dresden Germany. New sparkles now when you move the mouse! and a special one card spread for mobile phones all thanks to my genius collaborator Angela Gabereau.



Hand screen printed by Vanessa Adams



I curated Love is Like the Weather at Mix and I have to say I am very proud of this bill. It has morphed through time and runs tight and smooth now. It was incredible to have so many talented filmmakers up on the stage with me doing Q & A. I am honoured to work with these contemporary video art superstars:  Raphaële Frigon, lamathilde, GAYMOUS, Shayo Detchema, Nabeela Vega , Vincent Chevalier, Malic Amalya, Nikki Forrest, Dayna McLeod and Jackie Gallant, Sofia Moreno, Elisha Lim and Raven Davis, Rae Spoon & Chelsea McMullan, larose s. larose, Eduardo Restrepo Castaño & Nash Glynn, Joshua Vettivelu, Kristin Li, and M. O’Herlihy. Many of the artists got scouted by other curators which I am thrilled by. In more miraculous news this bill is being brought into the university classroom for Gender and Performance at Concordia University in April taught by D.J. Fraser and the students’ final exam will be based on these ground breaking filmmakers!!!


I am so in love with Chicago and had two shows in December there ON THE SAME DAY which was unbelievable! Arrangement screened at curation put on by Video Video Zine


Nabeela Vega and I performed our new piece entitled YOU curated by Duos by means of the Periscope ap projected onto Nabeela’s body. This event was curated by Mothergirl and  Anja Morell at the Co-Prosperity Sphere. Vega and I slowly fed each other rose petals through the screen – celebrating one year of platonic love. We have been there for each other through many life occurrences and continue to stand side by side, strong in our platonic romance.




I am living part time in Berlin now and am curating monthly film screenings. If you think you have anything to offer to these programs: FEMININITY, MAGIC, TRANSFORMATION and EXCESS please do! April – September bills still have some space.

The first bill in the series will be the TRIGGER WARNING bill January 29 and the second bill will be QUEER FUTURES curated out of  the Future Visions project on February 26. I have always wanted to show some of my favourite future visions so I am very excited to present this bill. These first two bills will be hosted by the magical  BERLIN COVEN.


bill in March at Silver Future I am pleased to announce filmmakers Jacqueline Mary and Mee Rose will be in attendance for Q & A.

I am doing my first performance ever at the Kopi’s Queer Gala – the most wild and radical queer cabaret in Berlin on February 25. I am collaborating with Aubrey Heichemer who I have known for 5 years back when we lived in the Bay Area together. She has the skillset to conduct for our new project… and strangely everyone we have asked to be in our FAKE ORGASM CHOIR is up for it! People are less shy than I thought. This piece will be dedicated to sex workers.


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I am back from my whirlwind trip from Europe! Now I will have Montreal as my homebase as per usual for eight months.

I landed in Berlin and had a very enjoyable birthday with new and old friends. I was so inspired by Liz Rosenfeld, Sadie Weis, Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, and Cary Cronenwett – all hyper talented North Americans who have moved to Berlin to create art and films. I curated Love is Like the Weather with my best friend Mascha Nehls who helps to organize Entzaubert – the most radical film festival in the world in a forest in a queer wagonplatz!

I had the honour of curating North American artists: Vincent Chevalier, Crystal Mason, Kristin Li, Josh VettiveluSofia MorenoNabeela VegaLamathildeJamie RossShayo DetchemaRaphaële FrigonNikki ForrestFlorence S. LaroseElisha LimGAYMOUSRae Spoon & Chelsea McMullanMalic AmalyaEduardo Restrepo Castaño & Nash GlynnE HearteDayna McLeod & Jackie Gallant.

Also I got to view a test run of CUNT LAB‘s new performance art work which was amazing. I was so pleased to provide performance art support for my friends at the Queer Gala at the Kopi which was an incredible night. It’s always one of my favourite nights in Berlin curated by Miss Tobi and If.

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 4.21.24 PM

I curated Love is Like the Weather in Denmark with Mix Copenhagen with the help of the Kapow Collective. There I met with amazing performance artists friends that I met in Beijing almost 5 years ago. Anu Ramdas, Nanna Lysholt Hansen and Trine Mee Sook. I wiki-edited for International Women’s Day and I got to add Anu, Nanna and Jane Jin Kaisen to Wikipedia! I also got to meet up with Birthe from the Feminine Moments blog.

AND! I curated an over sold out show in one of my favourite cities Amsterdam with the sweeties of Transcreen. I was inspired there by Eliza Steinbock, Sebastian Deline and k.g. guttman – all North Americans that have moved there to study, teach and create. Also my Italian tech friend Giuliana Dieni and I talked about an exciting future collaboration with Corrine Teed.

I managed to shoot and edit a few new films in Berlin as well one which I think will be a hit with Tamir Shmeltzer Frenkel Lederberg.

Back in North America this winter We Don’t Want to Marry was in the Outsider Fest in Austin. I was delighted to have my film Domesticity be a part of Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois –LE GIV AUX RVCQ in Quebec. On March 13 I was curated in Montreal by Kimura Byol for L’Institut Simone de Beauvoir célèbre les 40 ans du GIV / Simone de Beauvoir Institute Celebrates 40 Years of GIVNabeela Vega, Angela Gabereau and I also curated a QPOC version of Future Visions in Boston.

Also in Montreal at Edgy Redux at Studio 303 – Alexis O’Hara and Hannah Morrow joint MCed Future Visions for Nuit Blanche! Somehow by gay miracle we now have 117 video artists that foretell the queer future! Also Angela the hacker genius made a new one card spread so check that out here on your smart phone. Big thank you to Andrea Joy for making this epic projected audience interactive project come together.

I helped to buy a cinema! With The Party’s Over

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 5.47.30 PM

Upcoming news!

Lesbian Hand Gestures and Narcissus are making a comeback in Chicago with Cruising Tracks curated by Rebecca Ladida at the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival

In Vancouver I am performing Stop Beating Yourself Up. I can’t wait to see my communities there! I am performing at the Queer Arts Festival in Vancouver this July! At the end of May I also have a show with the same work but it is a 5 minute video loop installation  in Oshawa at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery called Boxing: The Sweet Science curated by Linda Jansma. Stills from this performance shot by Morgan Sea are gracing the cover of the show’s catalogue.


For the very first time in my life I am performing in Chicago at Out of Site with brand new secret work!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.45.48 AM

I am travelling to Art in the Open in Prince Edward Island at the end of August with Plush and Scream Choir:


Sarah Wendt and I are looking for people for our Scream Choir in Charlottetown if you know anyone or just want to join us for swimming in the Atlantic after screaming! Also we are creating a new choir for this festival – A Laugh Choir!


Also Theory Boner is now available on Just Seeds and Etsy. This screenprinted zine is my first attempt at collage for many years and was curated by Mary Tremonte and Jenna Lee Forde in Toronto.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.56.55 AM

My films are going on all sorts of adventures without me around the world!!!

Genderless Jellyfish and Narcissus are going to Seattle Transgender Film Festival 


Genderless Jellyfish is going to Transcreen in Amsterdam in June.

We Don’t Want to Marry is going to In & Out in Nice France at the end of April.

All screenings thanks for my wonderful distributors GIV in Montreal. ❤

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falling into the west coast winter



For the fall equinox I curated for two days at Le Petit Versailles in the Lower East Side in New York alongside Yvette Choy and Troy Davis

Priestess of Ceremonies: Maya Suess

☽ ☾ ARTISTS ☽ ☾
Aja Rose Bond / Beth Frey / Cupid Ojala / Jade Yumang / Jamie Ross
Piera Yerkes Tif Robinette / The Cave Collective  / THE NYX PROJECT


Cory Kram / Vivek Shraya / Barbara Roland / Pippi Zornoza / Sarah Pupo
SoJin Chun / Sophie Seita / JuanCarlos Zaldivar / Mihee-Nathalie Lemoine
Zuzu Knew / Joshua Vettivelu


Le Petit Versailles is a NYC public community garden in the East Village that presents art exhibitions, music, film/video, performance, theater, workshops, and community projects.

On the very same night my video collaboration with my dear friend Pippi from Dirt Palace entitled Mother was screened at SVA in NYC as well! The work was installed on a loop in the gallery:


After these magical experiences, I flew to Calgary to workshop and costume a brand new performance entitled Flânerie that I created with my assistant Zuzu Knew for Mountain Standard Time, one of the largest performance art festivals in Canada . Here are some photos of Megan Morman, Tanya Plonka, Shyra de Souza, Jenna Swift, Sheri Nault, Bogdan Cheta, Desiree Nault, Miguel Michelena, Lee Allard and Rebecca Blankert. This performance was curated by Tomas Jonsson.

Coral Short recreates the finery of the flâneur with a roving street intervention. This mysterious group resists the dreary world within each slow, fanciful step they take. These fantastical creates leisurely stroll down the streets, their eyes drinking in everything around them, transforming into beautiful vignettes, dripping with lace and silk. Together they create a new visual language with their high dandy fashion, becoming a certain celebration, a unifying symbol in defiance of the conservative powers that be. The flâneurs and flâneuses are fascinated by all around them, as well as being a source of fascination for the public.

photos by bbb Johannes Deimling, Ilyon, and Tavia Maheu

 ☽ ☾ OCTOBER ☽ ☾


On October 7 I had the honour of being in Mix Copenhagen again with We Don’t Want to Marry and Genderless Jellyfish

Also during the third week of  October I gave back to two tremendous cultural producers in my life with my good friend Veronique Mystique – together we shot Sunny Drake‘s new as of yet unseen video work and Sasha Kleinplatz‘s choreography entitled MEN on at Place Des Arts in Montreal, Quebec.

☽ ☾ NOVEMBER ☽ ☾


At the beginning of November on the sacred date of Samhain I led a ritual with my friend Karine-Myrgianie Jean-François and my gay husband Troy La Biche Davis in which we literally wove the entire community together while they spoke a word or words that had meaning for them. Some of the words included: forgiveness, support, mutual aid, patience, accountability, family. The interconnectedness of us all is the real magic in this world. 


photo by kimura byol

Early november I was in the the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival for the opening night with the crowd-pleasing genderless jellyfish once again with many people I love and care about in attendance.

I edited insanely hard on my first draft from 2 hours of footage of Stop Beating Yourself Up to 8 minutes for The Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa curated by Linda Jansma. This video shot by Morgan Sea will be projected on a loop in the gallery. shayo detchema helped me to experiment with a pixelated version which was exciting.


November 15 was the day THEORY BONER by Mary Tremonte and Jenna Lee Forde was made available to the public at Expozine in Montreal. THEORY BONER zine explored and celebrated intersections of feminist, queer, and anti-racist theory and creative practice. My page was of chosen family of various forms of queer kinship.

On November 21 Narcissus screened in Melbourne for tilde! Just in case you never saw my cute ex boyfriend Logan A. Curley:

angela gabereau my genius collaborator for future visions and I were delighted to be invited to exhibit our arcade machine at Les HTMLles in Montreal. We got a new surge of future prophecies from all over the place to bring us to ONE HUNDRED PROPHECIES OF THE QUEER FUTURE! New prophecizers include the following powerhouses: Bogdan ChetaHolly ChernobylSandrine DeumierCharles Ernest Roberts IIIFILMARALHO & FRIENDSAndrew TayGurcius GewdnerPedro CostaFahmida Urmi Hossain,  LamathildeTroy DavisSasha KleinplatzLailye and Malik, Nabeela VegaE. Heartechristian xtn hansen, Winnie Superhova, Beth Tub and Sunny Sundog Doyle. Take a look at the new video works here:

1451326_10153090048557345_4438408470813366304_nI also got asked to sit on a queering cyberfeminism panel which was fascinating but I felt we really just touched the tip of the iceberg as there are so many issues to talk about! It was very exciting to meet the other thought-provoking panelists.


Later in november I was so deeply honoured to be asked to do a performance at St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery in the Lower East Side in New York City by curator Jen Rosenblit as part of the Food for Thought series and Danspace programming. She chose my work Social which I created with Lamathilde in Montreal a few years back which is like a giant group handfasting ritual but each audience member is matched with a stranger. I was lucky enough to perform with Ariel Speedwagon and Zachary Wager-Scholl and for my first time with Jen Rosenblit and Tif Robinette who are all art dreamboats!

☽ ☾ DECEMBER ☽ ☾


I visited the bay area in December and hung out with artist and curator friends lex non scripta on a boat and at his craft fair magic makers. I also got to buy stuff from jessika fancy from montreal and see my old friend textaqueen! I finally got to see Zeph Fish‘s artist collective new living space called Lobot in West Oakland my old neighbourhood. and I got to go see Alien She in San Francisco with Celeste Chan and KB. I was so suprised to see that I had connections to almost everyone in that show! And that I was in fact in the show in some ways as an actual riot grrl in the early 1990s. Here’s my zine and also me holding L.J.‘s woven Queeruption flier banner at the Dyke March in New York City. Random side note I have been to 3 Queeruptions (Berlin, London, Amsterdam) and helped to organize the last ever Queeruption in 2007 on the sunshine coast just outside Vancouver.

10494901_10153161675402345_2109268162582490040_o 10805834_10153161645777345_5421520130097932691_n

Above is my dear friend Jen from Submission Hold (the photo above is when she was in Insult to Injury) who I stay with when I am in Vancouver. We’ve known each other since 1992! This zine was behind glass and in the reading library in the show.

Here is another project I was involved in in Alien She – my Montreal university friends Courtney Dailey, Onya Hogan-Finlay and Leila Pourtavaf created a Bookmobile in the early 2000s which my artist books travelled around North America in.

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 4.13.23 PM

The last artistic things I did in December were

– shoot new footage all the time
– buy my tickets for europe for non stop art action
– work in a metalshop in sf

– get my hands dirty doing archeology on my giant stone vagina earth art at Albany Bulb. Above and below photo credits to Trixie Albert.


andddddd a fascinating interview with Karin Cope (NSCAD) who is writing about me and a lot of my amazing genderqueer friends such as Coco Riot, Elisha Lim, Alvis Parsley and more. I can’t wait to see some academic writing about the projects and change we work so hard to create in our different ways. She is writing about genderless jellyfish! Here are some excerpts:

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 4.24.02 PM

 The last piece of good news is the new textiles work that I curated by Aja called Whole Time was in a gay wedding! Peter Cramer sent me this magical romantic photo:


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Ok.Quoi?! and Sappyfest in Sackville, New Brunswick

This summer I was the film curator of OK Quoi Contemporary Arts Festival run by Struts Gallery in Sackville, New Brunswick. In honor of this occasion I created a bill called Love is Like the Weather.

Love. We can’t live without it! One of our favorite conversation topics will be investigated thoroughly through a wide range of stunning Canadian queer video makers. This program is about the changeable nature of love throughout our lives including its successes and blisses as well as its trials and tribulations. Love includes both the bright sunny days as well as the cloudy storms of our tender hearts. The filmmakers will cover many of the miraculous fluctuating states that love brings to our bodies and minds. This curation is full of searching and journeying through beautifully visceral landscapes, through heartache, desire, vulnerability and intimacy.


The bill featured brand new works by Shayo Detchema, Kristin Li, Dayna Mcleod and Jackie Gallant. Here is the order of this fantastic new program:

Ah L’amour – Lamathilde

Tremblement de Chair – Mirah Soleil & Mark Karbusicky

Two to a Blanket, Feet to the Fire – Jamie Ross

les idees noire – Florence S. Larose

That Beauty – Deirdre Logue

Flip Bend Parts 1 – Nikki Forrest

Ocean BlueRae Spoon & Chelsea McMullan

The Ex Bank Elisha Lim

You Don’t Own Me – Kristin Li

Glory HoleJosh Vettivelu

COVERVincent Chevalier

Creep – Dayna Mcleod and Jackie Gallant

L’hiver Inconsolable – Shayo Detchema

The Rosa Song – Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay

We were lucky enough to have filmmaker Elisha Lim join us all the way from Toronto for our Q and A afterwards. Afterwards we all went to the next door little bar called Thunder & Lightening who made us a special Love cocktail just for the occasion! Huge thank you to Jeff from the Vogue Cinema for allowing us to screen our shorts in this amazing historic theatre.

I also had the chance to meet interesting local artists Linda Rae Dornan, Helen Pridmore, Monica Pearce (sound artist in residency from Toronto) and WL during their workshops and performances at different venues around town as part of Ok Quoi. I got to collaborate through sound recordings on Monica Pearce’s piece which you can hear here:  I walked through Sackville in deep listening mode the whole week thinking intently about the soundscapes all around me.

Also on the last day of OK Quoi we performed Scream Choir with 22 Maritimers from PEI, Halifax and Sackville plus one Torontonian and one Calgarian! Only 7 short on our Montreal Scream Choir of 29! (see vid above) But for the first time ever we recorded our rehearsals with my iphone which you can hear here on my soundcloud

Sackville Screamers!

▼  ▼  ▼ ▼  ▼  ▼ ▼  ▼  ▼ ▼  ▼  ▼ ▼ ▼  ▼  ▼ ▼

Benjamin Dugdale
Chrissy Lorette
Coral Short
Cynthia Naggar
Devin Krupnick
Elliott Q Hearte
Rachel MacLeod
Heidi Dawn
Ingrid Forrester Wendt
Jacqueline Nora
Jude Ashburn
Julia Fleur
Katie Ewald
Katie Ward
Kelly M Hill
Mollie Cronin
Rebecca Blankert
Rita McKeough
Russell Louder
Samra Habib
Tara K. Wells
Zora Wendt

Sackville has a population of 3,000 and Montreal has 1.621 million people, so we were thrilled about our 22 choir member turnout. We had some very talented screamers in our choir! My collaborator Sarah Wendt (conductor) and Russell Louder (vocal coach) came in from Prince Edward Island to help this work be realized. We would like to thank Struts Gallery/ OK Quoi Contemporary Arts Festival, Sappy Fest for making this performance possible.



Huge thanks to E. Hearte, James Andrews, Julia Fleur, Leah Garnett, Rebecca Blankert, for making our stay incredible as both hosts and community art organizers and supporters. And everyone at Struts! You all should apply to do shows here and residencies. You will be treated very well.

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I created 4 performances while I was in Newfoundland, but the one I was most excited about in the end was…


Part of my performance art residency at Eastern Edge.Thank you to curator Mary MacDonald. And very grateful for support from Joe Fowler, April May June July, Alex Cafarelli, Jamie Ross, Juls Generic, Michelle Cedar Bush and my mother. Also thank you to everyone who walked this journey with me at sunset into the darkness.

Photos by Devon Crosby

also see my piece Plush in Newfoundland here. Insiders photos coming soon!


I created two brand new works for Encuentro this summer in Montreal that I have been planning out for quite a few years in my head. I was very happy to release these ideas into the world!


Nest is an interactive sculpture that is about caring for our community’s cultural producers and activists. I encouraged the audience at Hemispheric Institute Encuentros to take a load off by finding my large, human-sized nest on wheels pushed by me Coral Short on the street. The nest was created out of woven willow and urban nature foraging, but the velvety nest interior provided a great place for a selfie or to chirp with a friend.

Ceramic egg created by Wai-Yant Li (Créations Li)

Photos by Nikol Mikus

HUGE THANK YOU to my nest creation team: Zuzu Knew, D.j. Fraser, Morgan Paige, Asher Faerstein, Troy La Biche Davis, Wai-Yant Li, Felix Foxglove, Lailye Weidman, Molly Caudle, Alexis O’Hara, Tif Flowers, Julie Matson and K. Also thank you to Johnny Forever and Lisa Gamble for all the things. And my mom, Charlie Meyers, Emma Deboncoeur, BD Owens and Michelle Cedar Bush.

Scream Choir

The piece is comprised of a large group of people standing in the formation of a traditional choir. Instead of sung notes, they blast the public. The screamers pour out emotions of anger, pain and more, in tonal yells and primal screams. This cathartic work releases pent up rage against the frustrating capitalist patriarchal machine. This sound ritual aims to be a transformative experience for both performers and audience.

Conductor: Sarah Wendt
Producer: Coral Short
Photographer: Nikol Mikus
Videographer: Shayo Detchema
Sound: Alvis Kernel Parsley
Assistants: Emma Russell Louder and Felix Foxglove
Mentor: Kathy Kennedy
Curators: Stephen Lawson and Shauna Janssen
For Hemispheric Institute Encuentros

29 screamers in alphabetical order: Alexis O’Hara
Chloe Lum, Christina Aushana, Coral Short, Damien Luxe, Dan Providence, Daniel Rosza, Denise Kenney, Emma Deboncoeur, Emma Russell Louder, Erin Sexton, Felice Shays, Fernanda Branco Polse, Ian Goodman, Jess Dobkin, K Hanley, Lailye Weidman, Loulou von Kohl, Maya Suess, Michael V. Smith, Morgan Paige, Neil Cadger, Nyx Zierhut, Reena Katz, Simon White, Sunny Doyle, Tanya Evanson, Viva Delorme and an unknown woman.

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Future Visions is DONE!!! Thanks to the 83 participants who created videos for this epic interactive web based work created by myself and Angela Gabereau. Press SHUFFLE to interact with this amazing online art project. Future Visions will also be available for view at a feminist art festival in Montreal. Details forthcoming…


We welcome you to enter the worlds of our visionaries

83 visionaries from 7 countries, 13 states, 4 provinces and 31 different cities:

  1. xander alexander and Orion, Atlanta, Georgia
  2. Fre Atlast by Ocean, Rosendale, New York
  3. Crystal Azul & Gr Keer, Oakland, California
  4. Antonio Bavaro, Montréal, Québec
  5. Micah Bazant, Oakland, California
  6. KB Tuffy Boyce, San Francisco, California
  7. Kimura Byol, Brussels, Belgium
  8. Marc-André Lion Casavant, Montréal, Québec
  9. Cheto Castellano & Lissette Olivares, New York, New York
  10. Celeste Chan, San Francisco, California
  11. Camerin Cobb, Vancouver, British Columbia
  12. Sarolta Jane Cump + Zeph Fish, Oakland, California
  13. Joey Cupcake, San Francisco, California
  14. Charlotte Cooper, London, England
  15. Megan May Daalder, L.A., California
  16. Maria f Dolores, Berlin, Germany
  17. James Diamond, Montréal, Québec
  18. Angel Favorite and dominika ksel, Brooklyn, New York
  19. whit forrester, Louisville, Kentucky
  20. Lisa Gamble, Montréal, Québec
  21. Lisa Ganser, San Francisco, California
  22. Julz Hale Mary, Oakland, California
  23. Samara Halperin, Oakland, California
  24. Local Honey and Julie Alsop, New Orleans, Louisiana and Brooklyn, New York
  25. Devin Hellfire, Baltimore, Maryland
  26. Aubrey Heichemer, Berlin, Germany
  27. Xon Henry, Harrisbourg, Virginia
  28. Tania Hernández Herrera, Montréal, Québec
  29. An T Horné, Everywhere
  30. Zachary Hutchinson, Chicago, Illinois
  31. jeepneys, L.A., California
  32. Juniper, Montréal, Québec
  33. Reena Katz, Ottawa, Ontario
  34. Kesii by Ocean, Rosendale, New York
  35. Juliana España Keller, Montréal, Québec
  36. Kama La Mackerel, Montréal, Québec
  37. Leanne Lapspace, Toronto, Ontario
  38. Henry Lorca, Northern California
  39. Damien Luxe and Jade Payne, Brooklyn, New York
  40. Isabelle McGuire, Chicago, Illinois
  41. Shelley Marlow, Brooklyn, New York
  42. Merlin, Short Mountain, Tennessee
  43. Hannah Morrow, Montréal, Québec
  44. Ricardo Nelson, New York, New York
  45. Matthew-Robin Nye, Montréal, Québec
  46. Alexis O’Hara, Montréal, Québec
  47. Alvis Parsley, Toronto, Ontario
  48. Jason Penney, St. John’s, Newfoundland
  49. Kate Rhoades and Kelsey Thorne, Oakland, California
  50. Lauren Riis, Des Moines, Iowa
  51. Kale Roberts, Tampa, Florida
  52. Tif Robinette, Roanoke/ New York
  53. Mée Rose, Toronto, Ontario
  54. Jamie Ross, Montréal, Québec
  55. Morgan Sea, Montréal, Québec
  56. Sequinette, Brooklyn, NY
  57. Shayo, Montréal, Québec
  58. Queen Sisyphus/ Eva Bloche, Boston, Massachusetts
  59. Coral Short, Everywhere
  60. Ariel Springfield, Oakland, California
  61. Ali Terndrup and Beth Plakidas, Tampa, Florida
  62. Franklin Toan, Richmond Virginia
  63. Christine Thorne, Montréal, Québec
  64. Hana van der Kolk, North Hampton, New Hampshire and Tomi Amsterdam, Netherlands, Olive McKeon, Oakland/LA, California, Blaine O’Neill, Troy, New York and Jane Pickett, L.A. California
  65. Fjord Vox, San Francisco
  66. Mona Wam, IDA, Tennessee
  67. Michelle Wouters, Montréal, Québec
  68. Quito Ziegler and Kristen Parker,  Brooklyn, New York
  69. Pippi Zornoza, Providence, Rhode Island



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