Ok.Quoi?! and Sappyfest in Sackville, New Brunswick

This summer I was the film curator of OK Quoi Contemporary Arts Festival run by Struts Gallery in Sackville, New Brunswick. In honor of this occasion I created a bill called Love is Like the Weather.

Love. We can’t live without it! One of our favorite conversation topics will be investigated thoroughly through a wide range of stunning Canadian queer video makers. This program is about the changeable nature of love throughout our lives including its successes and blisses as well as its trials and tribulations. Love includes both the bright sunny days as well as the cloudy storms of our tender hearts. The filmmakers will cover many of the miraculous fluctuating states that love brings to our bodies and minds. This curation is full of searching and journeying through beautifully visceral landscapes, through heartache, desire, vulnerability and intimacy.


The bill featured brand new works by Shayo Detchema, Kristin Li, Dayna Mcleod and Jackie Gallant. Here is the order of this fantastic new program:

Ah L’amour – Lamathilde

Tremblement de Chair – Mirah Soleil & Mark Karbusicky

Two to a Blanket, Feet to the Fire – Jamie Ross

les idees noire – Florence S. Larose

That Beauty – Deirdre Logue

Flip Bend Parts 1 – Nikki Forrest

Ocean BlueRae Spoon & Chelsea McMullan

The Ex Bank Elisha Lim

You Don’t Own Me – Kristin Li

Glory HoleJosh Vettivelu

COVERVincent Chevalier

Creep – Dayna Mcleod and Jackie Gallant

L’hiver Inconsolable – Shayo Detchema

The Rosa Song – Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay

We were lucky enough to have filmmaker Elisha Lim join us all the way from Toronto for our Q and A afterwards. Afterwards we all went to the next door little bar called Thunder & Lightening who made us a special Love cocktail just for the occasion! Huge thank you to Jeff from the Vogue Cinema for allowing us to screen our shorts in this amazing historic theatre.

I also had the chance to meet interesting local artists Linda Rae Dornan, Helen Pridmore, Monica Pearce (sound artist in residency from Toronto) and WL during their workshops and performances at different venues around town as part of Ok Quoi. I got to collaborate through sound recordings on Monica Pearce’s piece which you can hear here:  I walked through Sackville in deep listening mode the whole week thinking intently about the soundscapes all around me.

Also on the last day of OK Quoi we performed Scream Choir with 22 Maritimers from PEI, Halifax and Sackville plus one Torontonian and one Calgarian! Only 7 short on our Montreal Scream Choir of 29! (see vid above) But for the first time ever we recorded our rehearsals with my iphone which you can hear here on my soundcloud

Sackville Screamers!

▼  ▼  ▼ ▼  ▼  ▼ ▼  ▼  ▼ ▼  ▼  ▼ ▼ ▼  ▼  ▼ ▼

Benjamin Dugdale
Chrissy Lorette
Coral Short
Cynthia Naggar
Devin Krupnick
Elliott Q Hearte
Rachel MacLeod
Heidi Dawn
Ingrid Forrester Wendt
Jacqueline Nora
Jude Ashburn
Julia Fleur
Katie Ewald
Katie Ward
Kelly M Hill
Mollie Cronin
Rebecca Blankert
Rita McKeough
Russell Louder
Samra Habib
Tara K. Wells
Zora Wendt

Sackville has a population of 3,000 and Montreal has 1.621 million people, so we were thrilled about our 22 choir member turnout. We had some very talented screamers in our choir! My collaborator Sarah Wendt (conductor) and Russell Louder (vocal coach) came in from Prince Edward Island to help this work be realized. We would like to thank Struts Gallery/ OK Quoi Contemporary Arts Festival, Sappy Fest for making this performance possible.



Huge thanks to E. Hearte, James Andrews, Julia Fleur, Leah Garnett, Rebecca Blankert, for making our stay incredible as both hosts and community art organizers and supporters. And everyone at Struts! You all should apply to do shows here and residencies. You will be treated very well.

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I created 4 performances while I was in Newfoundland, but the one I was most excited about in the end was…


Part of my performance art residency at Eastern Edge.Thank you to curator Mary MacDonald. And very grateful for support from Joe Fowler, April May June July, Alex Cafarelli, Jamie Ross, Juls Generic, Michelle Cedar Bush and my mother. Also thank you to everyone who walked this journey with me at sunset into the darkness.

Photos by Devon Crosby

also see my piece Plush in Newfoundland here. Insiders photos coming soon!


I created two brand new works for Encuentro this summer in Montreal that I have been planning out for quite a few years in my head. I was very happy to release these ideas into the world!


Nest is an interactive sculpture that is about caring for our community’s cultural producers and activists. I encouraged the audience at Hemispheric Institute Encuentros to take a load off by finding my large, human-sized nest on wheels pushed by me Coral Short on the street. The nest was created out of woven willow and urban nature foraging, but the velvety nest interior provided a great place for a selfie or to chirp with a friend.

Ceramic egg created by Wai-Yant Li (Créations Li)

Photos by Nikol Mikus

HUGE THANK YOU to my nest creation team: Zuzu Knew, D.j. Fraser, Morgan Paige, Asher Faerstein, Troy La Biche Davis, Wai-Yant Li, Felix Foxglove, Lailye Weidman, Molly Caudle, Alexis O’Hara, Tif Flowers, Julie Matson and K. Also thank you to Johnny Forever and Lisa Gamble for all the things. And my mom, Charlie Meyers, Emma Deboncoeur, BD Owens and Michelle Cedar Bush.

Scream Choir

The piece is comprised of a large group of people standing in the formation of a traditional choir. Instead of sung notes, they blast the public. The screamers pour out emotions of anger, pain and more, in tonal yells and primal screams. This cathartic work releases pent up rage against the frustrating capitalist patriarchal machine. This sound ritual aims to be a transformative experience for both performers and audience.

Conductor: Sarah Wendt
Producer: Coral Short
Photographer: Nikol Mikus
Videographer: Shayo Detchema
Sound: Alvis Kernel Parsley
Assistants: Emma Russell Louder and Felix Foxglove
Mentor: Kathy Kennedy
Curators: Stephen Lawson and Shauna Janssen
For Hemispheric Institute Encuentros

29 screamers in alphabetical order: Alexis O’Hara
Chloe Lum, Christina Aushana, Coral Short, Damien Luxe, Dan Providence, Daniel Rosza, Denise Kenney, Emma Deboncoeur, Emma Russell Louder, Erin Sexton, Felice Shays, Fernanda Branco Polse, Ian Goodman, Jess Dobkin, K Hanley, Lailye Weidman, Loulou von Kohl, Maya Suess, Michael V. Smith, Morgan Paige, Neil Cadger, Nyx Zierhut, Reena Katz, Simon White, Sunny Doyle, Tanya Evanson, Viva Delorme and an unknown woman.

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Future Visions is DONE!!! Thanks to the 83 participants who created videos for this epic interactive web based work created by myself and Angela Gabereau. Press SHUFFLE to interact with this amazing online art project. Future Visions will also be available for view at a feminist art festival in Montreal. Details forthcoming…


We welcome you to enter the worlds of our visionaries

83 visionaries from 7 countries, 13 states, 4 provinces and 31 different cities:

  1. xander alexander and Orion, Atlanta, Georgia
  2. Fre Atlast by Ocean, Rosendale, New York
  3. Crystal Azul & Gr Keer, Oakland, California
  4. Antonio Bavaro, Montréal, Québec
  5. Micah Bazant, Oakland, California
  6. KB Tuffy Boyce, San Francisco, California
  7. Kimura Byol, Brussels, Belgium
  8. Marc-André Lion Casavant, Montréal, Québec
  9. Cheto Castellano & Lissette Olivares, New York, New York
  10. Celeste Chan, San Francisco, California
  11. Camerin Cobb, Vancouver, British Columbia
  12. Sarolta Jane Cump + Zeph Fish, Oakland, California
  13. Joey Cupcake, San Francisco, California
  14. Charlotte Cooper, London, England
  15. Megan May Daalder, L.A., California
  16. Maria f Dolores, Berlin, Germany
  17. James Diamond, Montréal, Québec
  18. Angel Favorite and dominika ksel, Brooklyn, New York
  19. whit forrester, Louisville, Kentucky
  20. Lisa Gamble, Montréal, Québec
  21. Lisa Ganser, San Francisco, California
  22. Julz Hale Mary, Oakland, California
  23. Samara Halperin, Oakland, California
  24. Local Honey and Julie Alsop, New Orleans, Louisiana and Brooklyn, New York
  25. Devin Hellfire, Baltimore, Maryland
  26. Aubrey Heichemer, Berlin, Germany
  27. Xon Henry, Harrisbourg, Virginia
  28. Tania Hernández Herrera, Montréal, Québec
  29. An T Horné, Everywhere
  30. Zachary Hutchinson, Chicago, Illinois
  31. jeepneys, L.A., California
  32. Juniper, Montréal, Québec
  33. Reena Katz, Ottawa, Ontario
  34. Kesii by Ocean, Rosendale, New York
  35. Juliana España Keller, Montréal, Québec
  36. Kama La Mackerel, Montréal, Québec
  37. Leanne Lapspace, Toronto, Ontario
  38. Henry Lorca, Northern California
  39. Damien Luxe and Jade Payne, Brooklyn, New York
  40. Isabelle McGuire, Chicago, Illinois
  41. Shelley Marlow, Brooklyn, New York
  42. Merlin, Short Mountain, Tennessee
  43. Hannah Morrow, Montréal, Québec
  44. Ricardo Nelson, New York, New York
  45. Matthew-Robin Nye, Montréal, Québec
  46. Alexis O’Hara, Montréal, Québec
  47. Alvis Parsley, Toronto, Ontario
  48. Jason Penney, St. John’s, Newfoundland
  49. Kate Rhoades and Kelsey Thorne, Oakland, California
  50. Lauren Riis, Des Moines, Iowa
  51. Kale Roberts, Tampa, Florida
  52. Tif Robinette, Roanoke/ New York
  53. Mée Rose, Toronto, Ontario
  54. Jamie Ross, Montréal, Québec
  55. Morgan Sea, Montréal, Québec
  56. Sequinette, Brooklyn, NY
  57. Shayo, Montréal, Québec
  58. Queen Sisyphus/ Eva Bloche, Boston, Massachusetts
  59. Coral Short, Everywhere
  60. Ariel Springfield, Oakland, California
  61. Ali Terndrup and Beth Plakidas, Tampa, Florida
  62. Franklin Toan, Richmond Virginia
  63. Christine Thorne, Montréal, Québec
  64. Hana van der Kolk, North Hampton, New Hampshire and Tomi Amsterdam, Netherlands, Olive McKeon, Oakland/LA, California, Blaine O’Neill, Troy, New York and Jane Pickett, L.A. California
  65. Fjord Vox, San Francisco
  66. Mona Wam, IDA, Tennessee
  67. Michelle Wouters, Montréal, Québec
  68. Quito Ziegler and Kristen Parker,  Brooklyn, New York
  69. Pippi Zornoza, Providence, Rhode Island



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Sasha Kleinplatz, a well known Montreal choreographer as well as the magical gaymous creature/ dancer/ choreographer Hana van der Kolk, and my platonic wife and stylist Christine Thorne created a piece specifically for In Your Pocket. This is my first time working with dancers which has been a long term goal/ dream of mine so I am extremely chuffed.

25 Queer Artists Come Together to Create Short Videos On Smart Phones. Curated by the amazing Marcin Wisniewski and Dupuis Christophe. Presented by the RT Collective as part of the Inside Out LGBT Film Festival in association with Videofag.

* * *

Raphaele Frigon and I were very pleased to be selected for Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival in May as well:


* * *


I was busy Saturday at the Montreal Underground Film Festival with three of my new hit films: We Don’t Want to Marry, Genderless Jellyfish and All the Things. Thank you MUFF! Special thanks to the ever formidable Zoe Brown.


* * *

Also in Montreal in avril I was pleased to present my brand new film The Party’s Over in french! at LANCEMENTS en présence des réalisatrices. Thank you GIV forever and always! ❤


* * *


Queer Prophecies: Future Visioning < click this link to see more about this amazing show curated by the one and only Noelle Duncan

Coral Short and Angela Gabereau (feminist hacker extraordinaire) present you with these multiple versions of the future. We are the mothers of “Future Visions” but everyone who has submitted videos is also an partial parent of this larger dynamic quilt of destinies. We hold the future together all of us with our everyday small actions and big daydreams. We all create our future queer worlds daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. We have released this varied futures from an uncensored open call and are holding multiple visions within our own piece. We gift you the viewer a smorgasbord of queer futures.



* * *

This is What I Want is a powerful new festival in San Francisco curated by Tessa Wills and Peter Max Lawrence. I am so happy that the films I made while living in Oakland are returning to where they were created! I made them while doing an artist residency a few years back when I lived there. These babies are now coming home to roost! Lesbian Hand Gestures and Narcissus


here’s me looking sharp on the site rocking the heterochromia with my new friend Hilary. photo by my BFF Tif Flowers:

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 12.45.03 PM

* * *

Eastern Edge Newfoundland

So very pleased to announce my first performance art solo week which is part of a 3 part series. I will be doing a residency in the gallery sewing all week! I am expanding my piece The Insiders to fill a whole gallery full of textiles performativity! I will also walk the women’s path on Signal Hill at twilight inhabiting my Croning suit as well as enlivening the streets of St Johns on the weekend with Plush! Big thank you to Mary MacDonald for all her hard work and to Michelle Bush and Juls Generic for hostessing me!


* * *

When I get back from all of this it’s: Encuentro the wildest most epic festival I have been in since OPEN in Beijing! 750 performance artists from North and South America!!! I have two brand new works in the festival one called Nest and the other called Scream Choir – a collaboration with Sarah Wendt. JUST LOOK AT THIS LINE UP


Also in other news my curations are on fire!

OK Quoi?! Media Festival in Sackville New Brunswick JULY/ AUGUST

Le Petit Versailles with Troy Davis and Yvette Choy New York SEPTEMBER





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IDA! deep in the wilds of Tennessee !

So I just finished my artist residency at IDA! Big thanks to Maxzine and Beef and all the amazing folks at IDA and beyond for hosting me (especially Eliza, Becca Raeleen, Emily, Merrill, Kassidy, Nadzia, Phil and Spree)

Finally I made it to the heart of rural queer and it seems I have left my heart there on the land! Back in NYC I feel like I have been wrenched from the queer womb. Also life out there reminded me so much of my hippy live-off-the land family it felt extremely right and full circle.

My residency was a time of nonstop creation! I finished 3 punk rock videos!

for my new lovely friend Annah Anti-Palindrome from Oakland

above video is for a sweet one in London England whom I have known for a decade. Len’s project is called Fagg*t




for the ever delicious Nicky Click…

I also shot/ edited prophecies for Future Visions, my collaborative web based tarot card deck I am making with Angela Gabereau for Queer Prophecies for the National Queer Arts Festival in San Francisco this summer. There is still time for you to submit your own prophecy to this dreamy futurist project.

My 1st video for  Queer Prophecies was shot at Dirt Palace of the witchy Pippi Zornoza. I am getting the hang of Audacity which is really fun.

And my second one! Of the magical Mona Wam traversing the creek at IDA


by Coral, Troy, K and Laurence with the help of the IDA garden interns

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My heart friends fellow gardening Canadians K Laurence and Troy met me at IDA to help me build these beauties which you can sit in for Idapalooza or Work Hard Stay Hard (or whever you come visit IDA)

These artworks play an important function for forest dwellers or visitors. We welcome you to take a seat and relax. The thrones will grow greener and greener with each month as nature takes them back.  Wild plants that inhabit the thrones thus far: ferns, grasses, hepatica, trilliums, moss, honeysuckle, wild roses, sedums, euchre, dutchmen’s breeches (dicentra) clematis, creeping jenny (lysimachia)  We created structures with a lot of hard work then we harvested forest plants with Deklan, Cricket, DV, Marianne and then filled the earthen structures full of growing life.  These pagan chair-like structures can act as respites from long walks in the forest, city exhaustion, sore muscles from gardening or too much Idapalooza.  The thrones can act also as shrines to the impermanence of self – for in the end whatever age we are we all go back to the earth.  We can connect with the divine within ourselves sitting on these thrones of solace hidden across the land. I have been invited to come back to Ida to Work Hard Stay Hard and head the Monument team to create new large earth art structures !!!

There were 4 thrones and 4 of us

We invited everyone from all the queer lands around for a tour before we left…

Violet’s Throne is a collective throne dedicated to the beautiful Violet which eerily (without planning) fits all current residents of IDA.

The Femme/ Heart Throne is dedicated to Spree, Talka, Emily, J Dellacave and Becca Raeleen

Death Throne is dedicated to those we have lost.

Sober Throne is dedicated to all of us who strive to love ourselves substance free. It is dedicated to Eliza as she used to keep bees in that very same spot. We were informally asked to create this throne as Idapalooza wishes to change the direction of its festivals away from excessive alcohol use and towards a healthier safer space.

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☆彡 back to the east coast:

In New York I spent time with Sequinette Jaynesfield my new muse and artistic collaborator who I shot this new video portrait called kittenface with:

Screen shot 2014-02-15 at 12.51.51 PM

We plan on creating a series of collaborations together as our synergy is formidable! We have already planned about 5 new shoots.

So where am I now? Everyone is asking! I am living in the pirate nook in Dirt Palace with a black cat named Klaus. This bought and paid for building is a magically indescribable place full of queer feminist punk witch aesthetic but the photos below can give you an idea. I am very much at home here as my roots are deep in punk rock/ radical politics since my teenage years. I have faith that all paths have led me to this place. I had a feeling in my gut to go to Gabfestry with Damien last August and the people I met there have brought me here. These days I am all about following my gut instead of my mind.  I have been happily editing in the cozy library here. This mythical art building used to be an actual library and these are the original shelves.

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 12.11.59 PM

Here’s where I drink my coffee in the morning. It’s just like a European Squat!!! but in North America which is an enchanting surprise for me.

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 12.12.20 PM

Dirt Palace has hit me deep in my soul. I can’t think of a place that suits me better in all of North America – funny how it was hidden away at the end of all these punk legends/ treasure maps waiting for me for almost 15 years.  I am so grateful to all the strong women who put their energy into this project to keep this collective healthy and vibrant.

Here in the library I have created three new music videos – all for musicians I care about deeply/ respect:

From Oakland: Annah Anti-Palindrome – archive of memory

Hand actor: Pippi Zornoza Mother of Dirt Palace

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 4.51.22 PM

From London UK:  Fagg*t – Bad Facebook Day

This video helps us process our complex relationship with Facebook! Here is a still from the process of 8 point garbage matte, video screen capping (in the eyes) and key framing. Big thanks to Nosh from Digital Desperados for helping me figure out all these tricks on skype screen share! Gaymous North American celebrities you can catch if you watch fast enough: Marty Fink, Lucas Crawford, Kriz, Heather Achs, Damien Luxe, Sequinette, Alvis Choi, Silas Howard and Sabina Ibarrola! Up soon on 52 pick up!

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 3.32.54 PM

And last but not least thee unstoppable Nicky Click‘s Fuckmachine shot last summer at CMD in Montreal which is totally inspired by the A-ha video of my youth:

Screen shot 2014-02-27 at 11.15.42 AM

For Nuit Blanche in my heart city of Montreal one of my best 52 pick ups will screen at Studio 303 curated by the one and only Dayna McLeod for EDGY REDUX


And across the Atlantic Ocean I have five upcoming European Screenings at four festivals!

At the end of February Tunnel Vision will screen in Berlin at the Vaginale curated by Mascha Nehls from the Entzaubert archives. How I miss Berlin! I will see you all next winter.

Narcissus and Lesbian Hand Gestures continue to be ever popular in Europe and are screening in April at: Grenoble International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (France) I love the way my films are going to places I have never been!

Narcissus is also doing another Amsterdam Trans Film Festival Screening in Nijmegan the oldest city in the Netherlands on March 15.

But finally my new films are getting some play! In April – Genderless Jellyfish and We Don’t Want to Marry are playing at the Frauen Film Festival in Cologne – Germany’s fourth-largest city.

Thanks again to my besties Nosh Khwaja and Mascha Nehls for helping me to create these ultra gay radical pieces.  Together we keep the international ball of queer culture rolling, gaining magical strength as we go!

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One thing I am really good at is conversation. I love people! I love my communities! I adore networking, socializing, investigating the international queer/ feminist art world and its cultural production. And this winter has been full of just that as I meander my way around North America. When I meet talented gems in various cities I love to curate them, get inspired by them and introduce them to each other to further the ever quickening evolution of queer culture. It is really what I naturally excel at and I thank the goddess as well as my enthusiastic and cheerful Irish-American mother from L.A and my charming kind father from London, England for this blessing.

I encourage you to click on all these links to find out about cultural production in various parts of North America!

In Vancouver I had the honor of spending time with my mentor and role model Margaret Dragu who taught me so much about living a life long sustainable feminist art practice. I was also delighted to enter some of my video work within her video quilt at the Richmond Art Gallery. I got to have a personal gallery tour there with Jenny Craig and Heidi Nagtegaal from the Hammock Residency. Heidi and I have curated each other for a few years now in various cities and we continue to support each others’ spiritual and artistic growth. On new years day I had the pleasure of hanging out with some of my favorite curators/ art organizers Amy Nugent from The Banff Centre for the Arts, Amy K from the Audain Gallery and Teresa Sudeyko from Access Gallery – how have my best Vancouver friends turned into such powerhouses? So proud of them!

In the Bay Area, I also got to hang out with fellow curators Zeph Fish, Malic Acid, Lex Non Scripta, Lisa Ganser, KB Boyce, and Celeste Chan all people I am deeply inspired by not only for their curatorial practice but also for their own strong individual cultural production. I got to shoot this video of the interior of Lex’s miniature house where I also stayed in Oakland. Thanks Lex and all of the darlings at Darlington House for being so wonderful and welcoming. I am excited to collaborate with annah anti palindrome lending her my psychedelic craft and crystal videos projected for her live music.


I had the pleasure of short exciting inspirational hang outs with infamous Mev Luna  and legendary Nomy Lamm as well as getting to see the marvelous Seeley Quest a few times! I also had the pleasure of attending Jai Carrillo‘s show curated by Irwin Swirnoff.  A highlight of my bay area time was the honor of being the video documentor for Femina PotensAskew Film and Performance Festival and meet Midori as well as the curator Madison Young who I got to interview for Dykes on Mics back in Montreal. I was deeply moved by my interactions with Midori and Madison and the wisdom they shared with me. I also got to see my new Gabfestry friend Aorta who did a powerful sonic and visual display of witchery on stage.

In San Francisco I got to magically mindmeld with Mark McBeth about his phenomenal documentation practice which I perceive to be the largest queer performance archive done by one person ever (?) I have about ten major international cities which I consider “home” and large networks of active queers in those cities but I could be wrong!  I also had the delight to meet up with another of my favorite magical cisfag video artists Jody Jock about a new show I am curating in New York in the fall with Yvette Choi. More details on that to be released shortly.

Other exciting projects in San Francisco I came across were Black Hole Cinema– 16mm film curation by Tooth that I attended with Malic, the new Counterpulse space (with so much potential – 3 levels of cinema, work space and artist residencies!) that I attended a Community Forum on Performance Documentation at and the Fresh Festival curated by my friend Ernesto Sopprani where I got to see an old Queeruption aquaintance Anna Martine Whitehead dance so hard and so beautifully!

At my favourite punk rock house I was staying at in West Oakland I shot Cock Coven with the help of Emma Deboncoeur and my new awesome friend Ari PerezDiez.  The background music is Bonedust (an experimental witch noise band) from Dirt Palace at Providence, Rhode Island who at the time we created this animation was unbeknownst to me, but I am here now in Providence and have a big friend crush on the powerful wild witchy woman Pipi herself – the mother of Dirt Palace.

Screen shot 2014-01-18 at 1.06.56 AMEmma and I also shot Anger from the top floor of the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.  This is a deep and personal straight from the heart piece – another step in my move towards collaborative video portraiture within my beloved queer kinship structures.

emmaMy very last afternoon in Oakland was a deeply beautiful and moving one. My new friend Ida Thistle (a licensed Phlebotomist with 200 hours of experience) drained 3 vials of blood out of me while Sally played live violin loops. Then her and Sally (Thunder Thighs and A Thimble of Light) did a surprise private show for me and camera woman Sarolta Jane Cump using glassware and water, honey and my blood projected on the wall with an overhead projector. It was so so so amazing.

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 12.48.02 PMScreen shot 2014-02-19 at 12.54.02 PM

***I would like to thank Canada Council for awarding me a travel grant this winter. It’s my first successful grant for several years so I am so deeply grateful to continue on in residencies at Dirt Palace and Ida without any money worries.

I would also like to thank Vancouver and the Bay for generously hosting me especially Hugs, Jen and Andy, Sir, Lex, Dana, Lisa and Nomy, and Emma and Francesca.

Stay tuned for new projects in the witch castle I am currently living in! Will post again soon.

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