Ok.Quoi?! and Sappyfest in Sackville, New Brunswick

This summer I was the film curator of OK Quoi Contemporary Arts Festival run by Struts Gallery in Sackville, New Brunswick. In honor of this occasion I created a bill called Love is Like the Weather.

Love. We can’t live without it! One of our favorite conversation topics will be investigated thoroughly through a wide range of stunning Canadian queer video makers. This program is about the changeable nature of love throughout our lives including its successes and blisses as well as its trials and tribulations. Love includes both the bright sunny days as well as the cloudy storms of our tender hearts. The filmmakers will cover many of the miraculous fluctuating states that love brings to our bodies and minds. This curation is full of searching and journeying through beautifully visceral landscapes, through heartache, desire, vulnerability and intimacy.


The bill featured brand new works by Shayo Detchema, Kristin Li, Dayna Mcleod and Jackie Gallant. Here is the order of this fantastic new program:

Ah L’amour – Lamathilde

Tremblement de Chair – Mirah Soleil & Mark Karbusicky

Two to a Blanket, Feet to the Fire – Jamie Ross

les idees noire – Florence S. Larose

That Beauty – Deirdre Logue

Flip Bend Parts 1 – Nikki Forrest

Ocean BlueRae Spoon & Chelsea McMullan

The Ex Bank Elisha Lim

You Don’t Own Me – Kristin Li

Glory HoleJosh Vettivelu

COVERVincent Chevalier

Creep – Dayna Mcleod and Jackie Gallant

L’hiver Inconsolable – Shayo Detchema

The Rosa Song – Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay

We were lucky enough to have filmmaker Elisha Lim join us all the way from Toronto for our Q and A afterwards. Afterwards we all went to the next door little bar called Thunder & Lightening who made us a special Love cocktail just for the occasion! Huge thank you to Jeff from the Vogue Cinema for allowing us to screen our shorts in this amazing historic theatre.

I also had the chance to meet interesting local artists Linda Rae Dornan, Helen Pridmore, Monica Pearce (sound artist in residency from Toronto) and WL during their workshops and performances at different venues around town as part of Ok Quoi. I got to collaborate through sound recordings on Monica Pearce’s piece which you can hear here:  I walked through Sackville in deep listening mode the whole week thinking intently about the soundscapes all around me.

Also on the last day of OK Quoi we performed Scream Choir with 22 Maritimers from PEI, Halifax and Sackville plus one Torontonian and one Calgarian! Only 7 short on our Montreal Scream Choir of 29! (see vid above) But for the first time ever we recorded our rehearsals with my iphone which you can hear here on my soundcloud

Sackville Screamers!

▼  ▼  ▼ ▼  ▼  ▼ ▼  ▼  ▼ ▼  ▼  ▼ ▼ ▼  ▼  ▼ ▼

Benjamin Dugdale
Chrissy Lorette
Coral Short
Cynthia Naggar
Devin Krupnick
Elliott Q Hearte
Rachel MacLeod
Heidi Dawn
Ingrid Forrester Wendt
Jacqueline Nora
Jude Ashburn
Julia Fleur
Katie Ewald
Katie Ward
Kelly M Hill
Mollie Cronin
Rebecca Blankert
Rita McKeough
Russell Louder
Samra Habib
Tara K. Wells
Zora Wendt

Sackville has a population of 3,000 and Montreal has 1.621 million people, so we were thrilled about our 22 choir member turnout. We had some very talented screamers in our choir! My collaborator Sarah Wendt (conductor) and Russell Louder (vocal coach) came in from Prince Edward Island to help this work be realized. We would like to thank Struts Gallery/ OK Quoi Contemporary Arts Festival, Sappy Fest for making this performance possible.



Huge thanks to E. Hearte, James Andrews, Julia Fleur, Leah Garnett, Rebecca Blankert, for making our stay incredible as both hosts and community art organizers and supporters. And everyone at Struts! You all should apply to do shows here and residencies. You will be treated very well.

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