I created 4 performances while I was in Newfoundland, but the one I was most excited about in the end was…


Part of my performance art residency at Eastern Edge.Thank you to curator Mary MacDonald. And very grateful for support from Joe Fowler, April May June July, Alex Cafarelli, Jamie Ross, Juls Generic, Michelle Cedar Bush and my mother. Also thank you to everyone who walked this journey with me at sunset into the darkness.

Photos by Devon Crosby

also see my piece Plush in Newfoundland here. Insiders photos coming soon!


I created two brand new works for Encuentro this summer in Montreal that I have been planning out for quite a few years in my head. I was very happy to release these ideas into the world!


Nest is an interactive sculpture that is about caring for our community’s cultural producers and activists. I encouraged the audience at Hemispheric Institute Encuentros to take a load off by finding my large, human-sized nest on wheels pushed by me Coral Short on the street. The nest was created out of woven willow and urban nature foraging, but the velvety nest interior provided a great place for a selfie or to chirp with a friend.

Ceramic egg created by Wai-Yant Li (Créations Li)

Photos by Nikol Mikus

HUGE THANK YOU to my nest creation team: Zuzu Knew, D.j. Fraser, Morgan Paige, Asher Faerstein, Troy La Biche Davis, Wai-Yant Li, Felix Foxglove, Lailye Weidman, Molly Caudle, Alexis O’Hara, Tif Flowers, Julie Matson and K. Also thank you to Johnny Forever and Lisa Gamble for all the things. And my mom, Charlie Meyers, Emma Deboncoeur, BD Owens and Michelle Cedar Bush.

Scream Choir

The piece is comprised of a large group of people standing in the formation of a traditional choir. Instead of sung notes, they blast the public. The screamers pour out emotions of anger, pain and more, in tonal yells and primal screams. This cathartic work releases pent up rage against the frustrating capitalist patriarchal machine. This sound ritual aims to be a transformative experience for both performers and audience.

Conductor: Sarah Wendt
Producer: Coral Short
Photographer: Nikol Mikus
Videographer: Shayo Detchema
Sound: Alvis Kernel Parsley
Assistants: Emma Russell Louder and Felix Foxglove
Mentor: Kathy Kennedy
Curators: Stephen Lawson and Shauna Janssen
For Hemispheric Institute Encuentros

29 screamers in alphabetical order: Alexis O’Hara
Chloe Lum, Christina Aushana, Coral Short, Damien Luxe, Dan Providence, Daniel Rosza, Denise Kenney, Emma Deboncoeur, Emma Russell Louder, Erin Sexton, Felice Shays, Fernanda Branco Polse, Ian Goodman, Jess Dobkin, K Hanley, Lailye Weidman, Loulou von Kohl, Maya Suess, Michael V. Smith, Morgan Paige, Neil Cadger, Nyx Zierhut, Reena Katz, Simon White, Sunny Doyle, Tanya Evanson, Viva Delorme and an unknown woman.

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