Sasha Kleinplatz, a well known Montreal choreographer as well as the magical gaymous creature/ dancer/ choreographer Hana van der Kolk, and my platonic wife and stylist Christine Thorne created a piece specifically for In Your Pocket. This is my first time working with dancers which has been a long term goal/ dream of mine so I am extremely chuffed.

25 Queer Artists Come Together to Create Short Videos On Smart Phones. Curated by the amazing Marcin Wisniewski and Dupuis Christophe. Presented by the RT Collective as part of the Inside Out LGBT Film Festival in association with Videofag.

* * *

Raphaele Frigon and I were very pleased to be selected for Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival in May as well:


* * *


I was busy Saturday at the Montreal Underground Film Festival with three of my new hit films: We Don’t Want to Marry, Genderless Jellyfish and All the Things. Thank you MUFF! Special thanks to the ever formidable Zoe Brown.


* * *

Also in Montreal in avril I was pleased to present my brand new film The Party’s Over in french! at LANCEMENTS en présence des réalisatrices. Thank you GIV forever and always! ❤


* * *


Queer Prophecies: Future Visioning < click this link to see more about this amazing show curated by the one and only Noelle Duncan

Coral Short and Angela Gabereau (feminist hacker extraordinaire) present you with these multiple versions of the future. We are the mothers of “Future Visions” but everyone who has submitted videos is also an partial parent of this larger dynamic quilt of destinies. We hold the future together all of us with our everyday small actions and big daydreams. We all create our future queer worlds daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. We have released this varied futures from an uncensored open call and are holding multiple visions within our own piece. We gift you the viewer a smorgasbord of queer futures.



* * *

This is What I Want is a powerful new festival in San Francisco curated by Tessa Wills and Peter Max Lawrence. I am so happy that the films I made while living in Oakland are returning to where they were created! I made them while doing an artist residency a few years back when I lived there. These babies are now coming home to roost! Lesbian Hand Gestures and Narcissus


here’s me looking sharp on the site rocking the heterochromia with my new friend Hilary. photo by my BFF Tif Flowers:

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 12.45.03 PM

* * *

Eastern Edge Newfoundland

So very pleased to announce my first performance art solo week which is part of a 3 part series. I will be doing a residency in the gallery sewing all week! I am expanding my piece The Insiders to fill a whole gallery full of textiles performativity! I will also walk the women’s path on Signal Hill at twilight inhabiting my Croning suit as well as enlivening the streets of St Johns on the weekend with Plush! Big thank you to Mary MacDonald for all her hard work and to Michelle Bush and Juls Generic for hostessing me!


* * *

When I get back from all of this it’s: Encuentro the wildest most epic festival I have been in since OPEN in Beijing! 750 performance artists from North and South America!!! I have two brand new works in the festival one called Nest and the other called Scream Choir – a collaboration with Sarah Wendt. JUST LOOK AT THIS LINE UP


Also in other news my curations are on fire!

OK Quoi?! Media Festival in Sackville New Brunswick JULY/ AUGUST

Le Petit Versailles with Troy Davis and Yvette Choy New York SEPTEMBER





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