IDA! deep in the wilds of Tennessee !

So I just finished my artist residency at IDA! Big thanks to Maxzine and Beef and all the amazing folks at IDA and beyond for hosting me (especially Eliza, Becca Raeleen, Emily, Merrill, Kassidy, Nadzia, Phil and Spree)

Finally I made it to the heart of rural queer and it seems I have left my heart there on the land! Back in NYC I feel like I have been wrenched from the queer womb. Also life out there reminded me so much of my hippy live-off-the land family it felt extremely right and full circle.

My residency was a time of nonstop creation! I finished 3 punk rock videos!

for my new lovely friend Annah Anti-Palindrome from Oakland

above video is for a sweet one in London England whom I have known for a decade. Len’s project is called Fagg*t




for the ever delicious Nicky Click…

I also shot/ edited prophecies for Future Visions, my collaborative web based tarot card deck I am making with Angela Gabereau for Queer Prophecies for the National Queer Arts Festival in San Francisco this summer. There is still time for you to submit your own prophecy to this dreamy futurist project.

My 1st video for  Queer Prophecies was shot at Dirt Palace of the witchy Pippi Zornoza. I am getting the hang of Audacity which is really fun.

And my second one! Of the magical Mona Wam traversing the creek at IDA


by Coral, Troy, K and Laurence with the help of the IDA garden interns

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My heart friends fellow gardening Canadians K Laurence and Troy met me at IDA to help me build these beauties which you can sit in for Idapalooza or Work Hard Stay Hard (or whever you come visit IDA)

These artworks play an important function for forest dwellers or visitors. We welcome you to take a seat and relax. The thrones will grow greener and greener with each month as nature takes them back.  Wild plants that inhabit the thrones thus far: ferns, grasses, hepatica, trilliums, moss, honeysuckle, wild roses, sedums, euchre, dutchmen’s breeches (dicentra) clematis, creeping jenny (lysimachia)  We created structures with a lot of hard work then we harvested forest plants with Deklan, Cricket, DV, Marianne and then filled the earthen structures full of growing life.  These pagan chair-like structures can act as respites from long walks in the forest, city exhaustion, sore muscles from gardening or too much Idapalooza.  The thrones can act also as shrines to the impermanence of self – for in the end whatever age we are we all go back to the earth.  We can connect with the divine within ourselves sitting on these thrones of solace hidden across the land. I have been invited to come back to Ida to Work Hard Stay Hard and head the Monument team to create new large earth art structures !!!

There were 4 thrones and 4 of us

We invited everyone from all the queer lands around for a tour before we left…

Violet’s Throne is a collective throne dedicated to the beautiful Violet which eerily (without planning) fits all current residents of IDA.

The Femme/ Heart Throne is dedicated to Spree, Talka, Emily, J Dellacave and Becca Raeleen

Death Throne is dedicated to those we have lost.

Sober Throne is dedicated to all of us who strive to love ourselves substance free. It is dedicated to Eliza as she used to keep bees in that very same spot. We were informally asked to create this throne as Idapalooza wishes to change the direction of its festivals away from excessive alcohol use and towards a healthier safer space.

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  1. Hana says:

    So inspiring you crazy beautiful being, Coral! Thank you!!!

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