★ ★ ★ 9 months of 52 pick up ★ ★ ★

so as many of you know i have dedicated hours/ days/ weeks of my life to this amazing project 52 pick up run by the lez powerhouse dayna mcleod in montreal. if you haven’t had a gander around the sight at all the other artists present and past do so you will be amazed! better than netflix! i can’t believe by the time spring rolls around i will have completed a year of making videos every week.  truly amazing the steep learning curves through experimentation and teenage boys on youtube teaching me new techniques.

lately i am very pleased with my new video called Juniper. this video speaks to the underrepresented canadian west coast wilderness femme. i have witnessed this handsome creature grow into her own power with each passing year. this video is an ode to long femme hair and connections to nature / the web of life. this tender shebeast hails from the sunshine coast but inhabits montreal.  i would like to thank the hugs hotel for the amazing faux tapestry backdrop and accommodation during our stay in vancouver.


i continued my green screen obsession by experimenting with a figurine which i put it into outer space to create le voyage de la licorne this unicorn was a gift (due to my past work with unicorns) from life mentor tara robertson who got it from the formidable morgan brayton – it was the unicorn of her mother who passed 7 years ago. i would like to thank sir backs for his patient editing help on this.


i have also been working on video performances with my mouth about holding and releasing. the first was untamed which was shot with my laptop camera. untamed was a catalyst for this oral series. i shot it when my computer crashed and i lost final cut for a while which forced me to work in new ways.


the party is over is a curator favorite. thank you to carly bee, leanne lapspace, emmett outlaw and mee rose in toronto for their keen editing eyes on this to help me choose the right timing and sickly shade of green. this piece touches on personal thresholds and sobriety.

Looking quite sickly, the film maker finds herself throwing up on camera. Metaphorically this film speaks to the release of toxic things in your life. Sometimes the party is just over!  With a nod to over-saturated gay aesthetic and with an ample dose of dry wit the artist creates a satisfying ritualistic release.


arrangement was also very popular with the curators and also on my facebook fanpage.

Working with the beauty of excess – the performance artist has created a personal moment for the audience with an immense bouquet of flowers. Playing on the double meaning of the word “arrangement” the artist alludes to the unspoken and sometimes difficult arrangements we make inter-personally in the queer community. This flowery performance unfolds a slow humorous bodily transformation which leads to a somewhat surprising and tender outcome.


i did work with another mouth –  molly caudle’s mouth in the video clover which screened in bristol as part of a fund raising effort ‘the film that bought the cinema’ curated by lady lucy an artist friend since ladyfest scotland in 2001. and good news! they did buy the cinema! nosh and i loved performing weekend hairport and attilla here in the mid 2000s.

my collaboration with Wai-yant Li was super successful in that it had its world premiere at MIX NYC and as a result got picked up by the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre! It was also super fun to make and we are talking about making an underwater creature one next!

18 handmade entities with big personalities meet and interact for the first time with a variety of emotions. A hand enters the shot occasionally deconstructing the craft magic of stop animation

my best friend/ art partner in Glasgow of Digital Desperados favorite vid of the year is gay kittens stolen from internets! it is very weird and i made it very late at night at the hugs hotel in vancouver hopped up on skittles and perrier. it’s also about my favorite: gay excess aesthetic. if this ever gets into any screening i am going to edit even more kitten eyes into it! mewww!

Screen shot 2013-12-07 at 2.54.20 AM

another favorite one is me driving into personal freedom with the video unafraid which was shot from the van of Hadassah Damien on our way to Gabfestry last August at the Beehive Collective. this piece works with personal narrative as did one of my first vid: leaving and all the things (unavailable online)

Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 9.14.17 PMand last but not least one of my favorites to make and edit with my dear friend shayo who i will be working with on new projects with during the upcoming year.  there’s nothing more radical than feminist queer collaboration in two languages! here’s us hanging upside down from an airplane. lol. shayo is the reason behind all these greenscreens i have become obsessed with as she painted a whole wall in her house green! we are doing greenscreen projects together all year in new ways.

Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 9.35.39 PM

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