Well December is the off month for artists. Can’t say I am complaining! I am enjoying quality time with friends and family in British Columbia.

In December besides FEMINA in Brazil I had two world premieres in San Francisco for Experimental Erotica & Sexy Shorts curated by the amazing Malic Acid and James Darling. 

Interspecifics Still – A dolphin becomes an overt flirt with a lady diver.


and We Don’t Want To Marry which Mascha Nehls and I baked up last winter in Berlin which is a humorous film standing up for (some of us) queers who have absolutely no desire to marry. Coral Short and James Velo have filmed this sweet and scrumptious creation for you! Thank you also to Samara Hennet and Nosh Khwaja for editing eyes.


On New Year’s Day I am doing an artist talk/ round table called Community Utopias and Dystopias. NEW YEARS DAY BRUNCH THINK TANK with CORAL SHORT at the STAG in Vancouver.


And I have a very busy summer ahead with:

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