I have broken a record of 19 art events in 3 months including screenings, exhibitions, performances, community art workshop and a curation. Seems like I am at the stage where I need to hire a personal assistant to keep up with myself!  That’s an average of 6 events a month! Dating my new boyfriend Art keeps me very busy!!

Late Summer I had the pleasure of being driven by Hadassah Damien  to Gabfestry which was at the Beehive Collective

…where I met countless amazing creators from around the U.S.A. I gave a workshop on Community Art here. This festival had a profound impact on me which I will be processing for the next year. And also I cannot wait to reconnect with all my creative friends this winter in all the various locations where they live including Providence and Short Mountain

Back in Montreal at our event Gender B(l)ender I organized a rough draft of new performance entitled:  Leaning

This is an experimental piece I have been thinking about for a few years. I am very inspired by the group Lava in New York City that sometimes works with narratives within community.  This is a rough sketch of a narrative about the strength and fragility of how we lean on each other for support.  Can we hold the each others’ weight? If we hold tight together or in chosen families can we still stand together?  I am very interested in organic narratives and energy transference within my work.  I thank Kama Mackarel for always encouraging me to perform new ideas and providing such a safe nurturing space on the most beautiful red velveted curtained stage in Montreal – L’artere  I learned a lot from this experiment and my amazing performers helped me figure out all sorts of new ideas and directions – both during and after which was really fun.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Wai-yant, Karen, Jess, Julie, Hannah, Athena, James, Faraz, Kama, Shamama, Ricki, Dot, Veronique and a couple strangers who joined in!


Plush in Toronto

Also last month I did my new performance/ textiles piece Plush at Nuit Blanche. I would like to thank Felix Foxglove,Leanne Lapspace, Mée Rose and Sarah Fuchs for being my bodyguards and photographers for this epic performance evening as I roved in the swarming crowds.  I took my cute campness to the streets and photos of me were constantly tweeted out all night on the large projected twitter feeds. This interactive sculptural drag piece is one of my most popular pieces to date!lea

This contemporary work attempts to disrupt your evening with some playful intervention. It is an interactive kinetic soft sculpture as well as a roving participatory project with Torontonians. The artist will roam the streets and sidewalks – arms outstretched doling out pleasant hugs to curious passers-by. This new colorful piece touches on furry culture and toy sculptural drag, but also reminds us of childhood innocence and our strong emotional attachment to our own special stuffed animal. Coral’s art casts magical spells on audiences enabling them to understand that fantastical realities can happen at any given moment.

I also had the joy of performing for the new Francophone festival called Phenomena in Montreal.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Big thanks to my platonic wife/stylist Christine Thorne for assisting me with this piece on this delightful sunny day. Photos by Nikol Mikus. Curated by D. Kimm

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Killjoy’s Castle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House

provoked some excellent community discussion


In Toronto I performed in Allyson Mitchell‘s Lesbian Feminist Haunted House as a Riot Grrrl Ghoul at the Gender Studies Dance Party. Here’s me pre-make up channeling Courtney Love!

Photo on 2013-10-04 at 13.33and half my amazing dance party team here:



Also on October 16th Lesbian Hand Gestures was screened twice! at Hamburg Queer Film Festival and also I was part of an interesting video swarming event at Bildwechsel the next day October 17 in Hamburg (i love this city and its gorgeous harbour) with a video postcard of all my latest art news!!  Click here to watch all my fall news: How Do You Do on 52 pick up!


also in Germany Lesbian Hand Gestures played at paranoid paradise, a radical queer:film:festival from Leipzig  5th and 6th of october!!! If you love euro things take a look at this rad website that works with two of my favourites: Entzaubert and Bildwechsel. This very popular film LHG is also being curated at University of Maryland Stamp Gallery curated by Kris Grey at Queer Objectivity


Kris Grey’s inspiration comes from recent scholarship in material studies and phenomenology that have challenged the traditional notion that human bodies are stable entities divorced from other objects in the material world. The elevation of queer theory to academic prominence and the emergence of new types of feminism have further complicated the separation between personal and political, bodies and objects. Materially, the human body is comprised of separate, interacting, individual elements and forces that are often reduced to being seen as one. So too, the intricacies of bodies and their relationship to other objects, animated or not, get flattened into a binaristic body/other dichotomy.  During Queer Objectivity Kris hopes to explore/revision bodies and objects away from old vestiges of overt dualism towards less obvious elaborations in the subject-object distinction through the lens of visual culture.

Check out more from Kris in an interview here!

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Narcissus and LHG also screened in Paris Cineffable Film Festival in Paris. Read my friend nathalie lemoine-kimura byol‘s review of the festival here on Feminine Moments. Narcissus also screened in MUNICH at bimovie this month! I would like to thank GIV, my Montreal feminist/ queer film distributor for making all these screenings possible.


Pink Panorama, a Film Festival in Lucerne, Switzerland NARCISSUS opened for Facing Mirrors this November:

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 10.39.49 PM◄▲◄ ►▲◄ ►▲◄ ►▲◄►▲ ►▲◄ ►▲◄ ►►▲◄ ►▲◄▲◄ ►▲◄◄ ►


San Francisco Transgender Film Festival GRRRL! TRANSGENDER SHORTS

by Raphaële Frigon and Coral Short
Music:  Charlie Prince
Raphaële Frigon tragically and magically cries diamonds through stop animation.  Her tears begin to transform her angelic face into a frighteningly beautiful and utterly new creature verging on the grotesque.

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MIX NYC  November 16 World Premieres of Domesticity and All The Things !!!

Domesticity_StillDomesticity by Coral Short
House music and domestic craft become one in a dazzling display of cozy hypnosis. Intricate videocraft melts one precious handmade item into the next through luminescent mapping. Music created by legendary James Johnston of Glasgow.

AllTheThings2_StillAll The Things by Coral Short
Shot exclusively on her smart phone, Coral Short delivers a winters’ worth of New York imagery interlaced with prose. This film narrates Coral’s 17 year relationship with New York, combining her long term love affair with this geographical location with her passionate dysfunctional romances in one fell swoop. The story starts off in the squats in Alphabet City and ends right here at Mix NYC.

Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 4.13.13 PM

Craftivism Curation at MIX NYC!!

Guest Curator: Coral Short
Queerness, feminism, and craft go hand in hand for many of these emerging contemporary artists, as they rethink and reclaim craft in their own unique ways. Sit back and let these artists take you on a cinematic voyage through their meticulously crafted queer universes. Each artist brings their own distinct voice full of personal politics, private passions and her/they/hi/stories to their filmmaking, resulting in diverse practices and methodologies—all of which strengthen our communities. I was very pleased to announce World Premieres of new work by Sabrina Ratté, Wai-Yant Li, Jai Carrillo, Mev Luna, and Brescia Brixia Bloodbeard – more info here:

Joshua Vettivelu: Small Pulls
Igor Dewe: Le Petit Château de Sable
Ellen Nielsen Fake is Foreve
Allyson Mitchell and Christina Zeidler: Glitter
Caitlin Rose: My Pussy is a Sinkhole
T.L. Cowan: Glitterfesto
BabySkinGlove: BSG:DIY Totalyfe
Travis Meinolf gold and fleece
Kandis Friesen: Trade
Jai Carrillo: Pitty Pat Punches
Mev Luna: B-B-Beached
Sabrina Ratte: Static-04, Untitled, 1989
Janey Moffatt Laloë: If You Feel Emotional
Wai-Yant Li: Glaymates
Zeesy Powers: 8 Marzo
Sarah Pupo What Was a Wild Night
Brescia Bloodbeard: mortality cantastoria
Rachael Shannon: Breastival Vestibule
Kailey Bryan: RugHooker
JEEPNEYS and Siobhan Aluvalot: Lat’s Yerk

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DECEMBER LHG is playing on a FEMINA program AGAIN in Brazil!!!

and now my friends I take a break until 2014 (well except 52 pick up)

but I am pleased to announce I will be doing winter art residencies at E|MERGE and Ida in February and March. I can’t wait!

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