52 pick up! I am celebrating 4 months of creating a video every week! What are my new films about? Just read on below…

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 11.12.01 AM

SINGLE MOM VIRGIN MARY:  I stood on the chilly street every Saturday asking for donations at the corner of Robson and Georgia in Vancouver BC as part of a performance called SINGLE MOM VIRGIN MARY December 2011 for the Hammock Residency. All proceeds were donated to the Downtown East Side Women’s Center.

Outside the Castle Walls:  This is a lighthearted poke at the fact that many of us do not want to be inside the elite institutions of society.  We are quite happy being outside those bureaucratic walls having oodles of fun. This piece was created in Rosie Lewis’s House in Newcastle with Sherry Ostapovitch.

It was just an accident:  A disturbing short film using electric accidents as a metaphor for physical violence.  I would like to thank Nosh Khwaja for helping me finalize this intense piece.


Gay Incantations:  This project that was created for Facebook status updates for Facebook February 2013. This text based project I created with Lucas Crawford has entered into the realm of video! If you don’t have quicktime you can view this work on youtube here.

Swallow:  My platonic wife Christine Thorne tragically drowns her break up sorrows on a mouthful of what ails her.

Conundrum:  A poignant video between me and my ex boyfriend André Azevedo talking about vulnerability, patience and trust using red laser light to spell out secret messages.

ACIDCRAFT:  This labour intensive video blends image and sound deliciously together.  House music and domestic craft become one in a dazzling display of cozy hypnosis. Music provided by the talented James Johnston of Glasgow.

We Don’t Want to Marry… This video work was created in Berlin last winter with my good friend Mascha Nehls. We baked and engineered this giant spectacular cake all day and then created this luscious topical political video with it using the sounds of the New York City Drag March.

collective of best friends:  I am missing a few faces here but these are photographs of my beloveds around the world who have picked me up when I have fallen.

Bildwechsel (rough draft) This feminist film archive in Hamburg Germany has been around for over 30 years!  I have been working with them for about 10 years.  See this film to find out more about them and to get your work archived in Europe!

CRAFTIVISM was held July 12, 13, 14, Le Petit Versailles, New York and was an amazing success. Thanks you to everyone for coming out! We also got a beautiful write up on the Material For the Arts blog.

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Also on August 17 for Pervers/cité I will be facilitating a panel called ARTIST SURVIVAL


Panel and discussion facilitated by Coral Short this Saturday August 17 at 4pm at NDQ.

Alexis O’Hara
Alvis Choi
Chloe Lum
Damien Luxe
Kimura Byol
Lamathilde Geronimo
Stephen Lawson
Zavé Martohardjono

These international cultural producers will share their experience as working artists. Finding sustainable ways to provide income while creating art at the same time can be a difficult task. Come hear our tricks and tips that we use to survive in this patriarchal/ capitalist world. Hear stories on how these artists succeed – often flying by the seat of their pants! Stories of thriving collaborations, collectives and curations will be explored. International feminist and queer networks and resources will be covered.

What support and alternative ways of life are out there? How can we live well – even below the poverty line? How do you write a good grant? How can you pay for all that traveling? Is having a studio worth it? How do you get a book published? How do you negotiate your artist fee? What are your rights according to CARFAC? How do you get your work archived? How do you deal with rejections? Do social media campaigns work? Artist residencies? What lifestyle changes are you willing to try?

Bring your own artist survival secrets to share with the group! Let’s combine our knowledge together to build up a feminist queer infrastructure.


Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 12.32.27 PM

I am delighted to have new solo and collaborative video works premiering at Queer Show 4 at  The Penthouse in Manchester curated by Debbie Elvis Sharp. The Queer Show was spurred into existence by artist Debbie Elvis Sharp because of a noticeable lack of Queer, DIY, artist-led activity in the city during ‘Pride’ paired with a collective dissatisfaction with the lack of engaging direct expression. This show aims to question and provide a counter platform to the culture being cultivated during ‘Pride Festival’.  It was Just an Accident, Optimism of the Will  (music by Alexis O’Hara) and We Don’t Want to Marry that I made with Mascha Nehls will all be screened at this event.

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