Woven, May 25 at They Queen in New York.


This new experimental multimedia piece wouldn’t of been possible without my fellow genderqueers and allies:

Clyde ManKate McDonoughKris GreyGaël Krajzman Johns , Connor DonahueÉmilie Mulcahey, Franklin ToanJessica Andrews, Levi SolimineMarjorie Dove KentRach Messy, Zachary Wager Scholl
Ariel SpeedwagonScout Riera and Winter.  

Photo by Ronika McClain.  More photos of Woven here.
Cyborg Projections by E. Hearte  and Rebecca Blankert

This party became a huge conductor for an internet trans revolution which really needed to happen. Read more on the internet if you do not know what occurred by googling Hey Queen and Michigan. Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival has not changed their policies, like we had hoped, to include a new generation of queers but instead allied with old school transphobic lesbian separatism. Message for JD:  We would love to count you amongst our allies.  Will you join us in the boycott of Michigan?

These people who created the human knot/ weaving are from my New York close and extended family of genderqueers and allies. I am happy to have met some new genderqueer friends through this work. Half of these folks I have worked with before like Ariel, Kate, Zachary, Clyde, Rach, e,  Majorie and Gael so it is also twice the joy to get to work with these people again. This piece is about the webs we weave, the knots we get tied up in and then unravel together hopefully with kindness and compassion. The ever stellar E. Hearte drove all all the way from New Brunswick Canada with their possee The Sackville Cyborgs to project super 8 and video onto these beautiful/ handsome bodies. Genderqueens were in cinematic spotlight both holding image and reflecting image at the same time! A huge thank you toAndre Azevedo for helping drive us there and  hold the whole production together as well as videographing which you can see below:







My tried and trusted piece The Insiders went museum! This is my 3rd Museum show the first two being Portland Art Museum and Vancouver Art Gallery.

Thank you to my dear friend and curator Adrian Sinclair for being a consummate professional as there are 8 performers that he took care of for me, as I was in Montreal while the balls rolled through the Museum of Vancouver!

I would like to thank the following friends/ performers from my Vancouver community – I couldn’t do it without you! Check out this amazing spontaneous work!


Amy Maunsell
Estrella King
Heidi Nagtegaal
Jane Calm
Jayden Starr
Ray Ranger
Tamarack Hockin
Jackie Dion


I performed June 4 for Short and Sweet curated by Sasha Kleinplatz  and Andrew Tay

My new experimental solo performance piece called Croning is about  embracing my role as elder in our forever young queer communities!  Thank you to my new awesome friend Claire Likes who choreographed me and Michelle Bush for taking these great photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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