52 pick up is picking up!

Check out my new 6 new videos at 52 Pick Up which I am uploading every week from either Montreal or Brooklyn!


April 22
This video was shot this winter in Berlin on photobooth on my computer.  This piece highlights the sounds of Mascha’s amazing old dumpstered couch!

April 29
Good Bye
Shot in Brooklyn and edited in Germany at my awesome artist residency at Villa Magdalena, Hamburg. I would like to thank Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens for their inspiring ecosexual ways which I think inspired this film.

May 6
Optimism of the Will which is a video for Alexis O’Hara‘s beautiful song was created out of space footage I found on the internet! Love you Alexis!

May 13
I completed this work at L’Entreprise Culturelle, my artist residency in France.  But it is shot flying out of New York to Vancouver.  Thank you Michael V. Smith for inspiring my first narrative film!

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 11.26.39 AM

May 20
Genderless Jellyfish
I completed most of this video at L’Entreprise Culturelle, my artist residency in France with help from Nosh Khwaja on skype screenshare from Glasgow!  But it was shot at the Vancouver Aquarium.  It was definitely inspired by Elisha Lim and Coco Riot‘s work surrounding gender with the Call Me They project.

Genderless Jellyfish was premiered at GENDERB(L)ENDER put on by the one and only Kama La Mackerel at our new fabulous theatre/ stage – L‘Artère May 17, 2013.

May 27
Tunnel Vision
I shot this video on my smart phone driving through the Holland Tunnel from NYC to New Jersey with my partner André Azevedo.  Unknowingly (as I have never seen this film) it references Barbara Hammer‘s film Multiple Orgasms – that’s how deep in our queer subconscious Hammer lives!

This film was just screened in Toronto at IN YOUR POCKET:  WHAT’S YOUR SEX? An intriguing and personal exploration of the immediacy and intimacy offered by the smart phone technology curated by the amazing Marcin Wisniewski as part of Inside Out.

Big thank you to Dayna McLeod for her awesome compression help!  The first few videos are a LOT sharper than they appear to me due to my notsoawesome compressions!  Thank you Dayna!

So many people helped give me feedback and ideas for these new works! They were crucial to the films’ development.  I would especially like to thank André Azevedo, Jeremy Gender and Milo Rainbow in Brooklyn, Jane Cope in Paris, the 9 test screening queers in Hamburg at Villa including Sebastian, Cecilia Molano, Martin Muz, Karen Kroll, Andrew and Jana. Also James Velo and Mascha in Berlin gave me excellent advice!  It is an honour to have such wonderful creative people helping me birth this new body of video work. I think it’s really amazing how we all inspire each other to create work and for me its important to name the people at the end of each video who have helped me arrive at these new ways of thinking and ideas, as we are all evolving into our new queer aesthetics together!



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