The performance at Edgy Women was such a success that I managed to give myself a slight concussion and whiplash from the boxing match against myself.  Thank you to Andrea Joy and Mylene St Pierre and Morgan Sea for giving me such great aftercare!  As usual it was a joy to work with Morgan Sea, a consummate professional. Thank you to the amazing Edgy Women team for making this intense/ transformative performance possible.

Veronique Soucy has created a on a mini doc of this performance that you can see below.  Thanks Veronique!

52 Pick Up

This month I am excited to announce that after years of wanting to start the 52 pick up project that Dayna Mcleod runs – I have started! You can see my first 2 videos here!  Get ready for lots of new video experiments from me!  You can see a new video here every week.  If you are interested in collaborating with me on creating a video let me know as I love to work with people.  Future collaborations already booked with bands Radium Angel from Philly and Fagg*t from London, U.K. Here is a still from new video A Queer Healing Moment:

A Queer Healing Moment Still


I had the joyful surprise to be chosen to be the genderqueer Queen of Honour for May’s HEY QUEEN called THEY QUEEN. On May 24 I will be performing with my genderqueer siblings from NYC at Hey Queen to JD Samson‘s DJ set.  E. Hearte will be projecting live film onto these beautiful performing bodies.  See more about they activism here done by my friends Coco Riot and Elisha Lim.


Also in May Narcissus screened this weekend in Amsterdam for Transcreen.  It also played along with Lesbian Hand Gestures at the Leeds Queer Film Festival 


I have a group performance at Museum Of Vancouver – I will be performing The Insiders there with my Vancouver community.


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