Well my time in Europe has come to an end!  Sadly as I find I really love working and living in Paris, Hamburg and Berlin.  I love the European way of life.  I would like to thank my best friends Nosh and Mascha  for giving me great feedback for every single film I created.  And also L’entreprise Culturelle and Villa Magdalena for giving me beautiful spaces to work in for the last two months rent free!  Goddess bless radical artist residencies!




  1. ACIDCRAFT (collaboration with musician James Johnston) See photo above.
  2. collective of best friends
  3. Queer Healing Moment ( working with musician hems)
  4. bildwechsel short doc (work in progess)
  5. Bumpin (collaboration with Carlos Nilmmns)
  6.  Hole-y Army Documentary (work in progess) 
  7. GAY INCANTATIONS (collaboration with Lucas Crawford
  8. Goodbye (Camera by Andre Azevedo) See photo below.goodbye promo


9. Jawbreaker

10. Swallow

11. Tunnel Vision

12. Leaving

13. Genderless Jellyfish


14. All the Things

15. Aftermath

16. Couch

17. Cake (collaboration with Mascha Nehls)



This February Lucas Crawford and I also had the pleasure of working with Vancouver’s SAD MAG‘s Bryce Evans for our project GAY INCANTATIONS! And also a wonderful designer Karen Campos Castillo designed this project into a zine for POSITIVE ASSERTIONS organized by Ted Kerr in New York.

first page

second page


I presented my last two curations of the second ever bill of Maplechasers Project at Villa Magdalena (see photo below) and Gabifront.  I am very sad to see this program go as the creative quality is so high and the films work so well together. Huge shout out to the incredible film makers who participated in this DIY project.  Thank you to Karin Kroll and Mascha Nehls for co-hosting.  It was so lovely to see some old friends from all over!




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