Enjoy GAY INCANTATIONS here on our website

This is a project particularly for our own friend group/community but we wish to share these spells out into the world to create happiness as well as providing a little support and loving kindness during the hard/difficult month of February.

Today on February 1st LIVE ON FACEBOOK  Lucas Crawford and I’s new project called GAY INCANTATIONS has commenced!  We are working within different time zones but we are working together!

Together Coral Short and Lucas Crawford have joined their gay superpowers to ward off winter depression among queers.  Due to an outbreak of queer/trans suicides in the last year on the east coast, these two artists wanted to connect to their communities who may be feeling isolated during the cold and grey month of February.  Using CAPSLOCKS on their facebook statuses Short and Crawford will blast out incantations into their queer universes of protection and magic to their friends.  They hope to sprinkle a little joy into our humdrum chilly winter month of 28 days.

“We as transgender artists want to use the power of language to make queers feel important, free, capable and motivated to change their lives.  If we don’t like our lives we can change them. And most of all we want our friends to know they are not alone.  We want our communities to be reminded that they can access their beautiful inner strength at any time.”

Coral Short

Coral Short is a multimedia multigendered artist who lives in Montreal/ Brooklyn who is spending this winter doing artist residencies in Europe.  Lucas Crawford is a Maritimer living in Montreal who makes films and academia and has his very own pool.

Look for these amazing GAY INCANTATIONS

  • In a special DIY zine made by Karen Campos Castillo which launched the Visual Aids Show called POSITIVE ASSERTIONS and will be available at Between the Covers – Montreal’s queer zine fair in August.  We can also mail copies to you just message us.
  • On tote bags made by Out of Line Press. The 3 most popular Gay Incantations will be released on a special edition tote bag.  Email if you would like to pre-order one now.  Paypal accepted. $10 each (or pay what you can)
  • In a video that you can watch if you need to be motivate/ cheered up after the month of February.


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