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I’ve done my Parisian residency at L’Entrerprise Culturelle  and what a pleasure it has been.  I have met so many kind and dedicated artists who have inspired me with their work ethic.  We ate some very delicious lunches together. I will miss them a lot.   A big thank you to Florent Ruppert in particular.

In Paris I had the joy of performing at:

January 17 Fontaine Saint Michel

January 19 La Mutinerie for the PinkBloc Fundraiser.

January 25 The Glitter Party at Next.

A huge thanks for my photographers:  Cha Krebs and Juliette Le.  And thank you to Flo Sauvage and Kay Garnellen who hosted the Glitter Party  and Ju Ef at La Mutinerie for helping organize the screening as well as Nathou Bouh and Pierre Bebla the sweethearts from the PinkBloc.

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I also had the honour of presenting some of Canada’s finest video makers for Maplechasers at La Mutinerie as well on January 22 which I co-presented with Flo Sauvage (who ran the LGBTI film festival here for 10 years here) Thanks to everyone who came out to that.

I also got to make three new films during my last week here:  Genderless Jellyfish, Swallow and Leaving. A huge thank you to Yoshi Khwaja my best friend who helps me hone my ideas and jump over those tricky Final Cut hurdles from the Scottish highlands on Google Hangout Screenshare (still free unlike skype).

I am witnessing the miracle of performing for my third time by proxy.  This means that a performance of mine is being executed with me not even in the same city!  I entrusting my beloved family of Montreal performers to recreate my piece The Insiders.  For CABARET 87 fundraiser for the ACCM on February 3rd at Sala Rosa. My patient curators are Andrea Kornacki and Johnny Forever who have been amazing throughout this third proxy performance of mine. Thank you to everyone involved for helping me co-ordinate this especially Bruno LaParade.

I am also in negotiation with the Museum of Vancouver to exhibit Insiders there this spring as well! 

Film News

Narcissus was selected for VANITY CINEMA curated by Anthea Black in London Ontario

Lesbian Hand Gestures was chosen as a favorite in Mumbai India and shown again here.


Watch for many more upcoming events here soon!

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