Film Festivals-A-Go-Go

I am pleased to announce that my film Narcissus which was shot on photobooth (starring the one and only Logan A. Curley) has been selected for:

Montreal Underground Film Festival May 18

Toronto’s Inside Out: Tranplanetarium May 20

9th Biennial Queer Arts Festival, Regina June 9th

FEMINA  July 2-8, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

24th Vancouver Queer Film Festival 16th to 26th of August.

At some of these screenings I had the pleasure of screening alongside my favourite film maker friends Jessica MaccormickRémy HuberdeauElisha LimCoco RiotJohnny ForeverDayna McCleod and Lucas Crawford.

Last year in Berlin – Mascha Nehls and I made a film called Lesbian Hand Gestures which has been selected for

KASHISH Film Festival in Mumbai India

Montreal Underground Film Festival May 17.

Mix Milan formerly the Milan Lesbian and Gay Film Festival June 22-28

Humanimals has gotten into the 12th Seoul International New Media Festival on a bill curated by Alvis Choi from Hong Kong.

I would like to deeply thank Canada Council for the Arts and Villa Magdalena in Hamburg for my residency last year as well as the incredible feminists at Groupe Intervention Video in Montreal for making this all possible.

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