HAIRCAKE: a sweet and hairy pARTy

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 André Azevedo and Coral Short curated HAIRCAKE including photos, videos, haircuts, and cakes to eat and decorate on Saturday February 18, 2012 at Tennis Court in Brooklyn.  Entry was cake-like edible item.


 ✄  PROJECTED PHOTOS  all evening!

BabySkinGlove (NYC/ PHILLY) ✄ Morgan Sea (MTL) ✄ Jessica Wohl (Tennessee) ✄ Nicki Green (SF) ✄ Quito Ziegler (NYC) ✄ Switch Series by JJ Levine (MTL) ✄ BERLIN’s famous MIMI VOGT and TONI TRANSIT ✄ Nosh Khwaja and Coral Short (GLASGOW) ✄ Ally Picard, Damien Luxe, Coral Short (PDX/NYC/MTL) ✄ SHORT MOUNTAIN Queerdos: John Parker, Spiky and Scratyr J. Casale ✄ QUNST (a rad queer magazine from hamburg) done by bildwechsel  ✄ SEED: Visual Ethnographies from the Future Cheto Castellano, Lissette Olivares, Montserrat Niño, Ricardo Chavez  ✄

VIDEOs at midnight by:
 ✄  Serichai Traipoom (NYC)  ✄ Johnny Forever (MTL)  ✄ Joey Cupcake (SF)  ✄  Connie Colvin & Megan Hessenthaler (NYC)  ✄  Cassie Wagler (NYC)  ✄  Maria Gaspar (CHI)  ✄  T.L. Cowan (NYC/Edmonton)  ✄

✄ LIVE TATTOOing by Jasmine T Morrell ✄ Conceptual piece by Coral and Jasmine: Choose a Location to get one hair tattooed anywhere on your body FREE of charge ✄

✄ YOUR OWN MINI CAKE to decorate with EDIBLE GLITTER by Radical Muffin ✄

✄ end of night CAKE FIGHT/wrestling PHOTOBOOTH by TINK  ✄

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