I am doing an amazing month long residency here at Villa Magdelena.  If you are a woman/ lesbian/ trans artist ask me about doing a residency here.  It is fantastic!

This Saturday, February 19th in Hamburg I am peforming at KABARETT with my Moustache Factory.

I am curating next Wednesday, February 23rd at the GLITZER BAR @ LINKER LADEN, KLEINER SCHÄFERKAMP 46  here in Hamburg hosted by the lovely Christina and Claude of Bildwechsel.  It is the radical queer bar in town.  This program is also travelling to Berlin and Montreal…..

Open Your Golden Gates
Have you ever been to San Francisco? Did you leave your heart there? Are you curious about the world’s gay paradise? Coral Short is back to deliver you the Bay Area’s finest queer videomakers’ work. From Oakland back across the Bay Bridge to San Francisco, the raw creativity of the world’s gay epicentre is on display. Shining forth from the projector this work will delight, move and astonish you. Ranging from tough to tender, from dreamlike to wild, new queer stars are born. So crawl out of that winter hibernation cave, bundle up, come out, and be entertained by these hot Californians.
Bay Area Video Artists:

Terry Berlier
Lukas Black
David Castro
Yvette Choy
Joey Cupcake
Jason Fritz
Samara Halperin
Loretta Hintz
Philip Huang
Jody Jock
Gregory Kaplowitz
Justin Kelly
Mev Luna (in still image above)
Sadie Lune
Ilyse Magy
Julian Shendelman
Liz Singer
Chris Vargas

After Hamburg I move on to Berlin where I am performing Insiders March 8 for International Women’s Day at the QUEERE ANTIPATRIARCHATS-PARTY.  And then I am curating Open Your Golden Gates at the Silver Future with my co-host Mascha Niels from Entzaubert Film Festival.

And then on to Montreal to Radical Queer Semaine!  Curation and performance dates to be announced.

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